September 13, 2022

Being creative with your dress selections this year is the big 2022 fashion trend. It involves wearing colorful accents andlayering your jewelry heavily. Even though it is already halfway through the year, if you are a female who is just discovering this trend, we have you covered.

Keep scrolling as we guide you through the jewelry options you might want to stick to this year and how tolayer them up like a pro.


Varying the length of the necklaces when you stack them is a golden rule for stacking.You should never forget this one. Make sure they are of different sizes so that you can cater to each of the necklace’s unique aspects. Longer geometric shapes or more massive chains dominate the small chain necklaces. Not to mention how challenging it was to untangle them at the end of the day. Trust us; it's not worth it; we've all been there.

When it comes to stacking necklaces, consider three as your lucky number. Three necklaces are always a good choice because they don't feel excessively many or few on the wearer. Grab other necklaces to pair with your first necklace of choice. With this acting as your centerpiece, it’s simple to combine with the size, style, and color of the necklaces you are stacking.

Instead of choosing just one style, go for a variety.Although gold may be the most popular metal type this year, wearing gold on gold may be excessive, even for formal attire. Try on some two-tone jewelry, such as white and rose gold. Pair a plain chain with a vibrant piece to balance out the styles.  It is far more aesthetically pleasing and allows your layers to breathe.

Add a necklace with a pendant for the extra cherry-on-top to your stack.Classic chains and a pendant necklace are a timeless combination. Apersonalized photo orname pendant makes a huge difference in your clothing, whether you're wearing something casual or more formal.



Stack no fewer than three items and no more than seven.When practicing your bracelet stacking, you should typically keep this number in mind. Practically, it works similarly to how you wear your necklace stack. It also needs some breathing room because you don't want to start looking bad for stacking too much.

Every bracelet style is made for stacking. 

No specific bracelet type that people use when they stack up their jewelry. You can custom your own as much as you like. However, some styles are on a bracelet stack, which includes tennis, bangles, gemstone, cuffs, beads, and charm bracelets. Catch all these types onGold Presidents to get an idea of these popular styles! 

Go all metal.It is an ideal fit for someone who wants a more vintage look. Stack various metals, such as white, rose, and yellow gold.

Add some dimension to your stack. Mix and match different weights and sizes to get the wrist party looks that people will talk about. You have to be bold on this one, so be brave and just remember to have fun with your stacking game like it’s nobody’s business because it is. 


Choose a statement piece, then work around that.For those with multiple ear piercings, it can be challenging tocurate the perfect ear stack to the style you are planning. When in doubt, you stick to the classics -- a huggie (Small hoop earring), chain, and a classic stud. Usually, people work to get the earrings, put them in their lobes then work around from there.

Again, think of the dimensions. Like we repeatedly say, play with the sizes and styles because how else would you know how creative you are? Right? With your statement piece chosen, working around that piece would be a piece of cake now. Maybe you place the statement piece on your lobe as well, then working up to your helix piercing, you get smaller studs.

Bling it out by adding some sparkle to the party.Although traditional hoops and studs may be the only earrings you need, it wouldn't hurt to sprinkle some diamonds. Therefore, glam them up and get more attention.

Lastly, remember thatear size and number of piercings are factors when you choose the best type of jewelry for your ears. After all, every ear is unique.


Leave a finger bare.Sometimes we can get incredibly excited to put on all our favorite rings to the point where there is a ring on every finger. To avoid over accessorizing your attire with jewelry, you should at least leave one finger naked.

Put on a statement metal ring. This year, metal rings are popular. A golden signet ring might improve the vibe of your entire outfit since they are once again popular.

Mix-matching styles and sizes work well with the dimensions of your stack.Because your fingers have varied sizes, mix-matching styles impact how you wear different ring sizes. Stacking bands on your pointer finger, wearing a statement ring on your ring finger, a unique midi ring on the tip of your middle finger, and a thumb ring to complete the look are the ideal ways to mix and match yours. 

When done right, the stacking technique when you wear your jewelry makes the jewelry style into the most head-turning piece in a room. So have fun with your stacking styles like the world is your oyster. It is! 

No matter your style, Gold Presidents is sure to have something to fit your personal creative fashion. 

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