September 09, 2022

What happens after buying all that flashy jewelry and flaunting it all day for jewelry collectors and novices to the jewelry game?  Knowing what type of jewelry you have and how to care for each one is the key to preserving its beauty. All of these begin with understanding how to wear, maintain, and store them. 


Let us look at some practices and techniques to wear, clean, and store your jewelry. You can use the tips below:

Wearing Your Jewelry 

Wearing your jewelry is wherejewelry care begins. Although your necklaces, bracelets, and rings are meant to be displayed, there are ways to keep them looking good while you wear them.

Keep It Away from Skincare

The chemicals in skincare products may react with the jewelry you intend to wear; therefore, it is a bad practice to use them where you would also wear jewelry.

Put It on Last and Take Them Off First

This one is very self-explanatory. It prevents the jewelry from rubbing against the various fabrics and causing damage.

Put Your Pieces on Rotation

You should not wear jewelry all the time. Learn when to use your pieces and when to keep them. It allows the jewelry to relax and breathe while limiting its exposure to potentially damaging elements. In addition, don’t wear your jewelry when you swim. Chlorine and salt water can damage them. 

Take note: This year's jewelry trend lets you stack them up to make a fashion statement with your jewels. As much as possible, this is not recommended, especially for delicate pieces that can rub against each other and damage them while worn.


Cleaning Your Jewelry

You'll notice that your jewelry is less sparkling than it was after wearing it a few times. The item may become contaminated with dust, sweat, air, and oil upon using it. It's time for them to get their wash. It is preferable to get jewelry cleaned at least twice a year, based on the type. It is essential to keep in mind that jewelry does not have a universal cleaning procedure. Depending on the material type of jewelry you wish to clean, this will vary. Would you like to buy jewelry?Gold Presidents is the right place to shop for your jewelry collection needs! 


Becausegold is a soft metal, we must keep it away from other metals like silver that might easily scratch it. Soak the gold bar in warm water with a few drops of dish soap. To wash and dry the piece, clean any hard-to-reach areas with a soft toothbrush, such as deep crevices, and then pat it dry with a soft towel.


The best way to clean this is to place your jewelry on tin foil, sprinkle salt and baking soda over it, and then pour boiling water until all the pieces are submerged. Let it sit for a few minutes before you remove them. Then pat them dry with a lint-free cloth and watch them shine back to life. 


An easy way to clean them is by taking a mixture of warm water and a small amount of shampoo, and by using a makeup brush, gently brush them along the piece to remove dirt. Rinse it with a clean damp cloth. It is important not to soak your pearls as they can weaken and break the string.


It may be cleaned the same way as other precious and semi-precious stones, but use seltzer water rather than regular water. To get to where debris can collect in the setting, brush the diamonds with a soft toothbrush. In clear water, rinse, and then buff dry. Now you can admire the brilliance again like it was brand new! 

Storing Your Jewelry

Separate Each Piece by Type

You must separate your jewelry by kind when storing it to prevent jarring and scratches. In addition, put your jewelry in a box lined with tissue and fabric. It aids in absorbing extra moisture that can cause discoloration in the jewelry during storage. Gold Presidents’jewelry box collection will give you a lot of choices! 

Keep Them Away from Wood

Jewelry left out on chemically treated surfaces is known to stain or speed up the tarnishing process of the jewelry piece.

Do Not Leave Them Under the Sun

It applies to gemstones. If leftunder the sun and exposed to too much light, jewelry pieces can become dull.

Pearls and Silver Must Not Be Stored in Air-tight Storage 

The reason is they are prone to oxidation, and air-tight containers make them lose their moisture and lead them to deterioration. 

In contrast to pearls, silver should be stored in airtight containers since humidity can cause it to tarnish. It is also best to keep them along with white chalk, which is known to absorb moisture.

Jewelry is one of our most precious purchases. Maintenance is essential to remain at its best for a long time. Consider that the above advice is something you can accomplish on your own; nevertheless, if you are confused about the condition of your jewelry, it is still better to consult a professional who can help you clean your pieces.

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