June 09, 2021

With so many different fashion influences to follow online and in real life, our style can sometimes get lost in the mix of trends. When we lose the personal touch in our style and solely follow popular fads, even our most coordinated outfits can look like uniforms. However, jewelry can distinguish any common, trendy outfit to stand out from the crowd.

Even the smallest of emblems can make an outfit more unique and anchor your personality at the center of every trend. To learn more about how to personalize your style with jewelry, continue reading our blog.

Initial Necklaces

One of the most frustrating parts of following the latest style trends is that these fashion cycles constantly fall in and out of popularity. Nothing is worse than buying a new chain or necklace only to realize its style isn’t in fashion anymore. The trend cycle is frustrating, but it does have a loophole: initial necklaces.

Initial necklaces are a classic, sophisticated, and timeless jewelry trend that never falls out of style. These necklaces have stood the test of time because they focus on adding a personal touch to every outfit. With just a small emblem of your first or last name initial, your style can be more personalized and unique. If you’re not sure how to personalize your style, consider trying these timeless gold chain necklaces with letter pendants to start.

Number Necklaces

If you prefer to personalize your style but want to keep your accessories more private, number necklaces are an ideal alternative to initial necklaces. Number necklaces follow a similar timeless design and style to initial necklaces and allow your pendant to be more symbolic.

If you have a lucky number, sports jersey number, or even a number that reminds you of someone you love, these chains will customize your vision to keep your favorite symbols close to your heart.

Assorted Rings

Rings can say a lot about someone’s personality. Someone who wears a collection of thick and chunky rings on every finger gives off a different vibe than someone who wears a single gold band. If you’re looking for a simple, convenient, and effective signature to personalize any outfit, consider finding a collection of rings that suits your style.

You can play around with different rings on different fingers each day or commit to wearing the same formation of jewels on your hand as your brand. Regardless of how you wear them, these accessories can make any outfit feel more intimate.

Following fashion styles and trend cycles are an excellent opportunity to explore new clothing and accessories, but don’t let your personality get lost in these trends. Consider adding these timeless and intimate jewelry pieces to your outfits to anchor your personality at the center of every style you wear.

Here at Gold Presidents, we offer the best in high-quality and customizable jewelry to help personalize your style. To see more of our jewelry selection, browse through our website.

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