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When you find a chain that suits your style, coordinates with every outfit, and becomes one of your favorites in your collection, it can be devastating when it breaks. Unfortunately, the jewelry we style the most tends to experience the most amount of damage over time. If you've experienced one or two of these heartbreaking jewelry losses, you're likely more conscious of your jewelry's durability when you shop.

When you prioritize your jewelry's durability, you're less likely to experience snapped chains, broken pendants, or any other frustrating damage. But, how can you tell if a piece of jewelry is durable?

Different types of jewelry have different compositions and elements that make their sturdiness fluctuate. In fact, gold jewelry and chains can change in durability for numerous reasons you may not realize. If you want chain durability explained to you, continue reading our blog.

Check Your Chain's Thickness

One of the most immediate ways to test the durability of your chain is to assess its thickness. The thicker a chain is, the more likely it will withstand the test of time and be more durable. The additional weight and layers that are innately paired with thicker chains make these necklaces more protected from experiencing damage from weather, water, heat, and other external factors.

Thicker chains are also less likely to tangle and snap while detangling necklaces. Although these chains are heavier, they're one of the best indicators of a solid and long-lasting chain. Before buying a chain, consider the thickness of the jewelry to determine whether this jewelry would fit your lifestyle.

Check Your Chain's Links

The type of chain links in a necklace's design will also greatly determine its durability. Chain links are connected to keep necklaces intact. When these links break, necklaces will need repairs. If the links of a chain have completely snapped, jewelry is unsalvageable.

To check the quality of a chain's links, bend an area of the metal to see how flexible the material is to stress. If the link bends, twists, tangles, or folds in, these necklaces will most likely have a shorter lifespan. 

However, if links are indestructible against the pressure you apply, then these chains are more likely to last longer.

If you're still unsure whether the links in your necklace are strong, identify what type of design the link is. Chain necklaces may have cable links, curb links, Figaro links, flat links, or rope links on their chains. Flat chains tend to be more fragile because their links are mounted rather than interlocked together. 

However, Figaro and gold rope chains are often the most robust chain designs because their links are thicker and locked together. 

Before buying a chain, check both the link and its quality. Once you feel confident that the links on your chains are durable, your necklace will be more likely to last longer.

Check the Karat Number

Another vital aspect to check on your chains is the karat number. The karat number is a measurement based on the ratio of pure gold and other alloy metals mixed in jewelry. The karat number of gold jewelry should be engraved somewhere in the metal. If you cannot see the karat number, ask to confirm the karat with a jeweler.

Higher karat numbers reflect a higher composition of pure gold. For example, the highest karat number is 24 karats. When gold is 24 karats, this means that the jewelry is composed of 100 percent pure gold. Other jewelry with 14 karat gold has a more balanced mixture of 58 percent gold and 42 percent alloy metals like copper or zinc.

Although buying a higher karat for your gold jewelry may seem like the best way to ensure your chains will last forever, this thinking could leave you with a non-durable necklace. Many people do not realize that gold in its purest form is very fragile. When gold mixes with other metals, it has higher durability because of these alloys.

More expensive 24 karats may have a luxurious brilliance, but these jewelry pieces are more bendable and easily scratched than lower karats. Jewelry that is 24 karats is not meant for everyday use or wear. Instead, these necklaces should be strictly worn on special occasions to prevent scratching and damage.

Higher karat numbers also require more routine cleaning and maintenance. If you're searching for a long-lasting chain that'll stand the test of time, avoid higher karat jewelry and instead opt for gold mixed with more stable metals.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Sometimes predicting the lifespan of a gold chain means factoring in the patterns of your lifestyle. How often will you wear this jewelry? Will you routinely clean your jewelry? Will you wear your jewelry to work? How long do most of your jewelry pieces survive? Will you save it for special occasions?

Knowing the answers to these questions is vital in determining how long your chains will last. These questions could also encourage you to consider how your lifestyle choices can help your jewelry last longer.

When you wear jewelry, you control many of the external factors that might affect its durability. If you want to prevent your jewelry from wearing out over time or breaking, consider adjusting your lifestyle to better prioritize the maintenance of your jewelry.

Even if you clean your jewelry once a year or avoid wearing your jewelry to work, you could significantly elongate the lifespan of your gold chains.

When you buy new jewelry, you want it to last through all of life's greatest moments. Don't compromise that vision by picking a chain that doesn't have a high level of durability. Before you choose a chain, consider these factors. Always pay attention to the thickness of your chains, link types, karat numbers, and your lifestyle choices. When you take these factors into greater consideration, you're more likely to find a chain that'll fit your needs and last a lifetime.

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Chain Durability Explained

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Jo williams

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