June 04, 2022

What could be more perfect for jewelry lovers than the color rose gold? This beautiful hue has a warm and romantic feel, making it the perfect choice for special occasions. Plus, rose gold goes with just about everything, so you can wear it anytime, anywhere!

In the late 1800’s famous Russian jeweler Karl Fabergé had found that if 25% of alloy made up of copper is mixed with 75% of gold, it would result in a pinkish hue. This milestone became the catalyst for the popularity of the now-known piece of jewelry -- the rose gold.

Working with the mixture, the Fabergé Egg was created. This was commissioned by the Romanov Royal Family in Russia in their three-century reign.

Rose gold has spread its popularity in Russian jewelry, and it was known first as "Russian gold".

However, like other trends that come and go, rose gold also was one to fall in and out of style.

People often ask, with all the mixtures with gold is it even real solid gold anymore? More so, are these types of pieces of jewelry worth every penny?

Rose Gold Composition and Its Worth

Pure gold or a 24K gold is known to be soft and easily bent, which is not a very practical element alone to make jewelry. Imagine wearing a band ring of 24K gold and having a nugget ring by the end of the day. Not a very likely sight to see.

To make gold jewelry more durable, jewelers mix it with other metals like copper and zinc and have it undergo the process of alloying where they combine it with other chemicals to make it stronger. This process is known to affect the original color of gold.

Combining copper and silver with pure gold makes the red-ish color that makes rose gold. The level of redness in the gold depends on how much copper and silver we alloy the gold with.

Jewelers have soon experimented with the 25% alloy combined with 75% pure gold, and have then created other 3 types of reddish shades. The more silver added, the lighter the hue which creates the Pink Gold. The more copper is added to pure gold, the redder the hue which creates the Red Gold. The most popular and widely known hue is the Rose Gold which has the most popular alloy ratio of 75% gold, 21% copper, and 4% silver.

Why Invest In A Rose Gold Jewelry

People often misunderstand that by buying rose gold, you get a lesser quantity of gold than white and yellow gold, which is not the case at all. Having a 14k gold bracelet in yellow, white, and rose will not affect the quantity of gold in them and the only difference are the chemicals added in them that make them change their color. Thus, investing in rose gold can be as worthwhile as purchasing gold in a different shade. 

With all of these facts, you might think that Rose Gold is only a trend, but over the past century, I think it has proven itself as one of the rare finds in jewelry that surely makes a stand on its own when you wear it.

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