June 21, 2022

In the world of fashion, celebrities are the major trendsetters. No wonder why people look to rappers when it comes to the latest hip-hop jewelry trends.

We’ve already seen hip-hop artists and their fans set the trend in the first half of 2022. On or off the red carpet, everyone’s donning their over-the-top accessories. From chunky gold chains to personalized pendants to iced-out watches, this year's vibe is all about drawing second glances.

Plus, older styles are staging a comeback as various pieces bring their fresh take to the returning ’90s funk sound.

Things are getting exciting, right? And there are just so many choices!

So, here’s a quick guide to making sure you’re getting the right trendy pieces this year… and on.

The chunkier, the better

During the early years of hip-hop jewelry, large chains have always been a staple, and they’re not going anywhere. They’re definitely here to stay as people continue to embrace the “bigger is better” charm.

This year, big statement yellow gold chains have been making huge waves even on the runway. Hip hop stars are seen wearing extravagant, chunky Cuban chains completely iced with diamonds as their statement accessories. Many would layer them chain after chain to showcase their confidence and cool personality.

Light up your wrist

Flashy watches are another basic in hip hop community, and diamond-studded wonders are still the name of the game. Nowadays, you can see these diamonds in various colors ranging from blue to red to green. You can also go for multi-colored ice-out watches that will surely turn heads. It’s like having some rainbows shining on your wrist. I mean, who wouldn’t notice that? These blinged-out watches will let you flex in excess.

Stack them up

For the gals and the guys who love getting their ears pierced, this is for you. Since we are going all out this year, big designer brands have been launching earring designs that are bolder and more daring. Stacked-up pieces of icy ear studs or diamond hoops or modular-shaped earrings, from your upper ear cartilage down to your lobe, are sure to make a great impact on your hip hop outfit.

For those that are too sensitive to get their ears pierced, people have been embracing clip-ons as well. So, yes, stack them up, too!

You are the ice

Now, imagine walking into a room full of people wearing the same fancy bling as yours. How will you stand out in that crowd? I say, in addition to gold and diamonds, let your own personal touch by the ice. That is why custom-made pendants exist.

Show off your unique hip-hop beat through personalized pendants that could bear your name, your favorite phrase, or your special someone’s nickname. You might also like the feel of the not-so-polished pendants for a more authentic look. If you love vintage, put old coins and medallions in your customized pendant. It will make a great statement!

Remember, whether this year or beyond, you can never go wrong with creating your own sense of style. Find the right accessories at Gold Presidents. It’s time to bring out that real hip-hop attitude in you.

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