August 24, 2022

Since the release of his mixtape "Perfect Timing" in 2017, Dominique Armani Jones, professionally known as Lil Baby has amassed incredible popularity. Hanging out around older dudes - with him at around 12 or 13 years old and them being between 20 to 25 years old - he had always been the baby of the group. Hence, how the name "Lil Baby" came about.

Lil Baby has been Grammy-nominated, with multiple songs topping the Billboard charts for 14 consecutive weeks. Lil Baby has surpassed musical titans Prince and Paul McCartney among others in the  Billboard Hot 100 Hits charts. All of this being accomplished in his recently budding 3-year career. This versatility and authenticity he has in his craft also shows in other aspects of that fans have been swooning over – just like Lil Baby's Jewlery.

Let’s get to know more about Lil Baby’s jewelry collection as he sits down with GQ in an On the Rocks episode. 


Lil Baby Pendant.A definite statement piece - no questions asked. He describes this pendant as being a 15 pointer diamond chain, with the necklace costing about $15,000 and the custom-made pendant coming in at over $25,000. 

Zone 4 Pendant.A piece made to represent Atlanta, this piece is symoblic in representing both Atlanta as well as representing "Zone 4" the place in Atlanta that Lil Baby is from. Another custom made diamond pendant and chain that was skillfully made. 

4PF Pendant.With the label’s name custom made into a pendant that meant Four Pockets Full it clearly shows off on this piece with every inch covered in diamonds. Lil Baby is known for providing a number of his closest friends and associates with diamond encrusted "4PF" pendants.

S Pendant.He explains how his whole gang has it. It was from his management company, Solid Foundation. A striking diamond chain and the S logo covered in diamonds that really stands out. 

QC Chain.The “big dog” on his collection as he describes. Absolutely no questions asked as this one is definitely hard to miss from yards away. Lil Baby says the very heavy piece has a thick Cuban link in rose gold and white, and a huge pendant packed with diamonds and gold in every inch. he spent about $100,000 on the whole piece. 


Star Rings.He shares how these rings would balance out how he wears jewelries - a watch a bracelet and a ring on both wrists. He really like performing with rings on considering how he could easily show off the diamond stars holding the mic while he performed like a little eye candy. 


AP Watch. In this watch, he shows how he often uses watches for its style over its function. In here, you definitely can’t complain considering how beautifully iced the watch is. He said he roughly paid about $50,000 to $60,000 for the watch. He even jokingly explains how he usually wears 2 watches both on each wrist showing neither the correct time. 


Cuban Link Bracelets.This is the staple in his jewelries that he hardly ever takes off which is no surprise as the piece is covered by diamonds and real gold. He shares to often use it on both wrists as well. He initially had the bracelets in gold at first but had it dipped in white which upped the piece even more. 


Earrings are smaller than a lot, but one of the most valuable jewelries that Lil Baby has. He went on telling how he numbed his lobes with ice cubes, got some alcohol and pierced it himself with an existing stud. Years later this act paid off as he now wears a pair of $50,000 worth diamond earrings. 

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