February 23, 2023

You might have seen men wearing cross necklaces throughout the years. What are they for exactly? What do they mean? What are the kinds of cross necklaces out there? Well, keep reading and find out with us. 

What Does the Cross Mean?

The Christian religion gives powerful meaning to the cross as a symbol of love and faith. It symbolizes Christ's sacrifice for mankind's sin by being crucified. Christian faith is renowned through this process. 

However, they have been adopted into a style statement piece and are popular. Some are offended by others who do not understand the meaning behind the cross; however, others are open to its symbolic meaning, both in terms of religion and fashion. 

What are the Types of Crosses? 

There are many types of cross-pedants, and here are some of the styles we have seen also incorporated into fashion styles throughout the years. 

Latin Cross

The Latin cross or the crucifix is the most popular among other cross styles. It is the symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Since Jesus died on the cross, this has biblical and personal meaning to people who wear them. The feature of this cross is its bottom part is extended, making it look sleek.

Greek cross

The Greek cross is somewhat similar to the Latin cross; however, all its arms are the same length. It is positioned like the letter “x” instead of the small letter “t” like the Latin cross.

Budded Cross

It is a cross with circles or discs on the end of each arm. You might have seen this style more on rosaries, but as pendants to necklaces, they add that extra detail that makes the cross catchy. It might look like it’s only for the design, but each arrangement has its symbolism.

Claddagh Cross

The Claddagh or Claddaugh cross shows two hands (friendship) clasping a heart (love) and a crown (loyalty) on top. The cross along these symbolic images means love for the Christian faith.

Deacon’s Cross

This cross style has a sash around the front of the cross. It has symbolisms in the western church for being the stole worn over the deacon’s shoulder.

Fleur-de-Lis Cross

Fleur-de-lis, or “lily flower” in French, is a symbol of French royalty. The arms of this cross have lilies on the ends. It is known to be popular in French heraldry for its shape. Christians say this symbolizes the holy trinity, which is God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Infinity Cross

Also called a lemniscus, a Latin noun for “pendant ribbon,” the infinity cross was first given mathematical meaning by a British mathematician named John Wallace. The swirls of the infinity symbol also meant never-ending life.

I.N.R.I. Cross

I.N.R.I. stood for “Iesus Nazarenus Rex Ludaeorum,” which meant Jesus the Nazarene, the King of the Jews. A cross with this inscription at the top part hand is how it is made.

Star Cross

The star symbolizes the star followed by the three magi to get to where Jesus was born. This star does not have five edges like how a usual star is known to be, but it is rather shaped like a cross with four pointy arms like the rays of the stars.

Anchor Cross

The Anchor cross or the Mariner’s cross has various styles, from the traditional anchor shape to those with swords, ropes, and even fish on them.

How Do You Wear Them Best?

Tip 1: Go Traditional

Get a classic sleek metal for yourcross pendants. Whether it is plain silver or gold, it would look modern, clean, and sophisticated. 

Tip 2: Encrust them with Diamonds

What better way to showcase your extra charms than with a blinged-out cross pendant? Celebrities are often seen wearing jaw-breaking crosses all blinged-out on the red carpet. Get your pendants customized at Gold Presidents for the high-quality cross pendant you always wished for. 

Tip 3: Contrast of iced and non-iced metal

Although you want to give your necklace a show and that heart-stopping stares from other people, you must remember to give your pieces some balance and some time to breathe. You can get your all-blinged-out pendants and chains for special occasions, but you can also just get your pendants encrusted with diamonds and leave the chain plain. This way, your pendant gets the attention it needs.

Tip 4: Get Two-toned metals

Two-toned metals are the perfect way to make a statement when you are not really on board with the diamond-encrusted metal approach. If you want to keep it lowkey but still make a statement when you walk into a room, then two-toned metal jewelry is the one for you. Get your cross pendants customized into one and count how many heads you turn. 

Tip 5: Pair with other pendants

Another trick for small cross pendants is to use two pendants in one chain. Mixing and matching pendants is a great way to cater to and highlight two pieces both fit as centerpieces complementing each other. It gives off a fun vibe that is good for the spring and summer style wardrobe. 

Which one was your favorite? Go on and give them a try and see for yourself. Have fun styling! 

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