February 27, 2023

Do you ever wonder how your favorite rap artists coordinate their fits, from their stylish wardrobes to jaw-dropping jewelry? Do you ever wonder how you can snag the fit of the likes of Drake or Post Malone? Keep reading and find out great jewelry styles of both iced and non-iced jewelry rap stars find your style.

What does it mean to have iced or non-iced jewelry? 

Iced-out jewelry is a way to incorporate diamonds into your jewelry. The term iced out was a remark because they looked iced on jewelry. However, this is not the only term used for diamonds embedded in jewelry. The terms “blinged-out,” “busted down,” and “diamond encrusted" are often used by artists and celebrities that have influenced the masses to use the same slang. These are always great statement pieces to elevate a look. 

Meanwhile, non-iced jewelry is self-explanatory in its name. They don’t have the sparkle of the diamonds encrusted on them and rely heavily on the natural luster and shine of the metals materials.

Let us introduce you to some of the best chain styles that work well with the iced and non-iced-out trends.

Iced Jewelry

Cuban Link Chain

Cuban link chains would go on top of the list for chains of any kind, big or small. They are a classic chain choice and a great first chain. If you are only starting to build your jewelry collection, then a Cuban link chain is the perfect chain for starters. We all remember Jay-Z’s gold Cuban link chain that calling it big was an understatement. That huge piece did not need the extra shine of diamonds to turn heads because the luster of the yellow gold can catch the light and make it shine. Cuban link chains are also famous for being blinged-out.

In this chain, the thick circular links are designed to interlock when laid flat and are busted down with diamonds on the flat surface of the chain. People would usually cover half part of the Cuban link where it shows as the diamonds can be scratched on the flip side of the chain link. 

Franco Chain

The Franco chain is another favorite of artists and celebrities to wear. You might have seen this necklace style countless times on the red carpet. Its sleek and snake-like pattern gives off a clean and modulated look around your neck that balances your fit. A thin franco chain style gives off an intricate sentimentality to it. Meanwhile, customizing this into a thicker piece gives you a clear look at its details. It gives you an added pattern to your style and elevates it further. 

An iced-out franco chain gives off an elevated elegance to the look and a more sparkly and elegant approach loved by many to hang their loved pendants.

Prong Cuban Link Chain

The Prong Cuban link chain compared to the other Cuban link chain gives off an edgy feel to it with the sharp cuts of the links. Encrusting it with diamonds makes it very sleek and cool. You can get this in different lengths and thicknesses suitable to your style. Men have been more drawn to the choker-length necklaces that surprisingly go well with their suits and casual clothes.

Anchor Chain

An anchor chain would remind you of those chains you see on boats connected to an anchor. It is not as compact as those chains mentioned above since anchor chains are oval-shaped rings interconnected to make one long link chain. It adds to the appeal of the chain in general. It has a more fun and playful look to it. Giving these a makeover of diamonds encircling each of the top layers of the oval links gives the chain an additional flavor. 

Non-iced Chains

Rope Chain

The rope chain, as its name is called, is woven like a traditional rope with a few smaller strands. People prefer it non-iced to keep its simple yet classic design to a minimum. It is great for already loud fits that you would want to pair with jewelry that does not go over the top. Monochromatic fits paired with a stack of different lengths of rope chains make a great impact on an outfit. This pendant is very durable, the reason why people prefer to use it with pendants. 

Figaro Chain

Figaro chains are another very popular and loved chain by men and women. The alternating pattern of 3 small circle links and an oval link flattened to sit comfortably on the base of your neck is the loved style by everyone. The length of this chain would matter depending on the neckline of your shirt, but any color-coordinated outfit should pair perfectly with the warm tons of gold. 

Herringbone Chain

Theherringbone chain is another sleek design, like a flattened snake chain. This chain is best as only a necklace type of jewelry as it cannot hold a pendant like other chain styles. Because of its flat style, a pendant on it can easily break, and durability is not its greatest aspect, so careful storage is advised for those enthusiasts of the herringbone chain. Because of its clean and sleek look, it is best worn short, resting on the collarbone or just above it.

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