April 11, 2020 1 Comment

NLE Choppa, Memphis rapper is an artist on the come up. Recently NLE visited GQ to show us his collection. Choppa tells us that it only took him one year to build up his collection. He starts us off by showing us the first chain he ever got. The No Love ENT chain costs NLE 50k . During the video, Choppa explains to us the worth of jewelry if they weren't bussed down. Next, NLE shows us his spike bracelet and tells us how it's, 'cheap, cheap". Choppa goes on to show us some more of his bracelets amounting up to 26k. Lastly, NLE tells us how YFN Lucci took his YFN chain and gave it to him. Watch the rest of the video to see NLE Choppa show off his jewelry collection. 

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Joseph Webb
Joseph Webb

September 13, 2020

I love every chain Nle Choppa has

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