November 25, 2023

Polo G made waves on social media by showcasing his latest extravagant jewelry acquisition, the “world’s first” iPhone chain, and he's throwing a challenge to Soulja Boy.

The Chicago-born rapper acquired the unique piece from Icebox, a renowned custom jewelry spot in Atlanta. In a video clip revealing the chain, an Icebox employee stated, "I’m here with Polo G right now, and we’re showing you the world’s first chain with a screen on it."

Polo G enthusiastically added, "Yeah man, hardest chain in the fucking game right now. Shout-out to Icebox on gang!"



The customized chain features the Boston Red Sox “B” logo around the necklace, with a bulldog holding the iPhone, and even includes a charger port on the side. The luxurious six-figure piece is adorned with over 90 karats of VS diamonds, weighing over half a kilogram, according to Icebox.

The announcement sparked varied reactions from fans in the comments, with some expressing approval while others considered it a lavish and unnecessary expense. A segment of fans is also anticipating a response from Soulja Boy, who is known for setting standards in the rap game.

Polo G joins the ranks of rappers investing in custom jewelry, following Drake's recent purchase of a chain featuring 42 diamond engagement rings, inspired by the numerous times Drake contemplated proposing but ultimately didn't.

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