November 26, 2023

Soulja Boy is clapping back at those mocking him for a recent incident where his diamond chain broke during a live performance. The rapper, also known as Big Draco, addressed the jewelry mishap in a weekend rant targeting NoJumper on his Instagram Story.

In the post, Soulja Boy stated, “NoJumper, if you don’t shut yo bitch-ass up n-gga and stop posting me with this random shit. I had on tennis chains. I had on too many chains, first of all. This mothafuckin chain too heavy for this link. You’s a bitch, n-gga, when I get to L.A. we gon’ do the interview, n-gga. Get off my dick, n-gga.”

The incident went viral after footage circulated showing Soulja Boy experiencing a jewelry blunder during a live show. His chain slid off his neck, prompting him to search for the piece while continuing to perform his hit song “Kiss Me Thru The Phone.”

Watch Soulja Boy’s chain fell apart while he was performing at his concert:



Some fans took to Akademiks' comment section to suggest that Soulja Boy's jewelry might be fake. One comment read, “N-gga chain fell apart like some damn legos,” while another stated, “We ain’t forget bro was in the middle of the mall buying watches of them stands.”

As Soulja Boy gears up for a series of shows in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California this week, it remains to be seen if he has resolved his jewelry situation for his on-stage appearances.

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