April 06, 2021

Women can express themselves in numerous ways—one of them being the outfits they put together. The relationship between clothing and self-expression became especially huge as the hip-hop genre grew in popularity. Let’s talk about style influencers and take a look at women’s hip-hop fashion.

Who Guided Women’s Hip Hop Fashion?

Of course, we can’t look into the different styles without identifying some of the women who lead and inspired them. In the 90s and early 2000s, several ladies became the top hip-hop fashion icons.

  • Aaliyah – known for her sexy and effortless clothing combinations
  • Lauryn Hill – mostly remembered for vibrant colors and glamorous denim
  • Lil’ Kim – the woman who always shocked us with her daring and feminine ensembles
  • Missy Elliott – the female athleisure figure of all time
  • Queen Latifah – admired for her chic picks, including patterned garments and curve-accentuating pieces
  • Salt-N-Pepa – the girl group that knew what they were doing with their elaborate jackets and looser apparel

As the genre continued to progress, more female hip-hop artists showed up as fashion trendsetters. We’re naming just a few of them.

  • Beyoncé – the queen of sultry and sophisticated looks
  • Cardi B – known for bold style choices that match her outgoing personality, including crop tops
  • Nicki Minaj – we know her for her bright, form-fitting attire
  • Rihanna – a goddess who can pull off both casual loungewear and sleek styles

Nowadays, we can still see women across social media sharing their hip-hop-inspired fits. We think a few ladies flaunt the hottest styles right now—Kash Doll, Megan Thee Stallion, and Saweetie.

The Rise of Baggy and Tiny Clothes

As the hip-hop genre grew in popularity, people started wearing baggy everything. Loose pants, large flannels, huge hoodies, and oversized overalls were the key players, and these pieces continue to influence women’s style now. On the other hand, it wasn’t—and still isn’t—uncommon to see women slaying in tight crop tops, tube tops, and sports bras.

Slipping on Sportswear

You’d catch babes years ago wearing sports jerseys and other sporty apparel (thanks to Adidas, Nike, and even Tommy Hilfiger). Today, women everywhere rock sports-inspired styles, too. For instance, the tracksuit—it’s timeless, and ladies, you can mix and match them however you want. And, don’t get us wrong, jerseys are still cute, whether you wanna dress them up or down.

Hype Around Headwear

Previously, you’d see so many stars wearing bandanas and baseball hats worn backward. We can still take inspo from them and complete our looks with these items. If you want to elevate your outfit and give off cool-girl vibes, these accessories will for sure help you out.

Going With Gold Jewelry

People wore gold earrings and necklaces decades ago, and of course, you can still catch fashion-forward folks wearing gold jewelry—and gold chain pieces in particular. After all, these pieces add dazzle to everything you have in your wardrobe. If you want to cop some of the beautiful pieces your favorite artists and celebrities styled over the years, shop Gold Presidents. We offer an extensive Cuban gold chain necklace selection online, and we carry quality chains in other styles as well. You can choose the ones that speak to you and your unique style the most.

Now that we’ve covered style influencers and taken a look at women’s hip-hop fashion, we hope you feel inspired to put your own twist on your current fits.

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