April 04, 2021

Understanding Rap & Hip Hop slang and terminology can be a daunting task, especially considering the rapid rate at which Rap and Hip Hop culture is evolving. One thing has remained constant about Rap and Hip Hop, the love for Jewelry! In our definitions below we will explore the unique slang terms used to describe jewelry, chains and pendants worn by rappers and hip hop musicians and explore their meanings.


Audemars Piguet as been referenced in multiple times over the years from artists like Jay-Z who referenced the brand on his hit single N***** In Paris from his 2011 Album Watch The Throne featuring Kanye West.

AP has maintained their reputation with strength for quite some time, New artist 42 Dugg recently referenced the brand on his chart topping single "We Paid" which features rapper Lil Baby.

42 Dugg Lyrics:  yeah, that's us Two-tone AP, yeah, I'm bust


·      Bling or Bling Bling ✨ - The term "Bling" is used to describe the shimmer and shine that flashy jewelry produces. Most often the the shine is produced from light interacting with Gold, Diamond and Gemstones. If someone has "Bling Bling" they have sparkly typically expensive jewelry.

The term "Bling" was added to Oxford's Official English Dictionary on April 30th of 2003.

·      Bust Down ⌚ - The term "Bust Down" often used alongside "Buss Down" is used to describe an expensive luxury watch which has been completely encrusted with diamonds. These types of watches are most commonly made with a Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet Watches. The "Bust Down" term comes from the fact that every piece must be disassembled or "Busted Down" to its bare bones frame before the process of adding diamonds can start.

Most often when someone's wrist is "Flooded" they are wearing a bust down watch.

Bust down watches are not only expensive because of the amount of diamonds they hold, they are also expensive because they require a high level craftsmanship and a long amount of time to be completed.


·      Drip 💧 - Coming in from Atlanta the term "Drip" is used to describe having expensive and ostentatious clothes and jewelry. The word "Drippy" describes your appearance when wearing expensive and stylish clothes and jewelry.


·      Flooded 🌊 - The term "Flooded" is used to describe a piece of jewelry that has been completely covered by diamonds to the point where no gold is showing. The diamonds cover all of the gold on the piece resulting in the gold being "flooded" out of view.


·       Ice 🧊 💎 - Ice is an alternate term used frequently in Rap & Hip Hop music to describe diamonds. Have you ever questioned why diamonds are often referred to as "ice" ?

It is true that diamonds are referred to as ‘ice’ due to their transparent, crystalline and shiny look but were you aware that diamonds are one of the best thermal conductors?

Diamonds have a thermal conductivity of more than 2,000 watts per meter per Kelvin, which is five times higher than the best metals such as copper and also higher than any gemstone in it's class. This means diamonds draw heat away from any object they encounter. When holding an interacting with diamonds you will feel this effect by experiencing the coldness or the "icy" feeling that they produce.


·       Iced Out - When you hear a rapper referring to something (Most often Jewelry) as "Iced Out", it means that the item being referenced is completely covered in diamonds or other precious gemstones. 


·       Icy - Being "Icy" is the lesser more humble form of being "Iced Out", referring to someone as "Icy" may mean that they are coordinating multiple different pieces of diamond jewelry. 


·       Rock or Rocks 🪨 - The slang term "Rock" is a noun commonly used by rappers and hip hop artists to describe a large diamond or gemstone. When someone describes having "Rocks" when referencing a chain, ring, watch or bracelet, they are describing having multiple large diamonds.


By now you should have a better understanding of Rap & Hip Hop Jewelry Slang. We hope this Rap Jewelry Slang Terms Dictionary has helped you to understand what it means to be "iced out" and what it means when someone is flooded. Jewelry Rap and Hip Hop terms may be difficult to understand but we hope this guide has made them a bit easier to understand moving forward. Maybe now you're ready to get your own ice? If so, Shop Gold Presidents we are the #1 Rap & Hip Hop Jewelry Brand!

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