December 19, 2022

Are you in the gold frenzy like a lot of people this year? 

Gold has not lost its shine, no matter the number of trends that became popular this year. That is why we find people still using gold jewelry from spring and back to winter this year. 

We have reached the end of the year again, so let’s recap for those gold enthusiasts and a quick guide for those starting their gold collection. 

Let’s go over the things you need to take note of for your next gold purchase. 



Carat or Karat is how gold is measured. You can be familiar with several carat measurements. Below is the breakdown of these measurements.

  • 24K or 24-carat gold - This has 24 parts gold and 99.9 % gold. Because of its high purity level, it is soft and malleable that cannot be made into jewelry. It is often seen in bullion or gold bars and used as investment gold.
  • 22k or 22-carat gold – This has 22 parts gold and two parts of other materials. It is 91.67 % pure gold. It is created into jewelry but still can be prone to dents and scratches because it is still soft compared to other jewelry.
  • 18k or 18-carat gold – This is made of 18 parts gold and six parts of other materials. It has 75% pure gold. It is a popular carat type for jewelry because it is more durable than 22k gold but is still a high-purity gold.
  • 14k or 14-carat gold – This is made of 14 parts gold and ten parts of other materials. It has 58.3 % pure gold. It is made into jewelry and other objects that are found in the household. It is perfect for those with a tight budget who would still like high-quality gold jewelry.
  • 10k or 10-carat gold – This is made of 10 parts gold and 14 parts of other materials. It is comprised of 41.7% pure gold. It is the lowest popular measurement that we find in gold jewelry. It can be made into jewelry that is strong enough to handle everyday wear and tear. However, this is not advisable for people with sensitive skin because other materials alloyed with pure gold, like nickel and copper, can trigger an allergic reaction to your skin.


Hallmarks are essential to look for when you buy pure gold jewelry. It is a way to determine the gold carat of a piece of jewelry. There are different hallmark placements on a piece of jewelry. They can be found in ring bands, necklace clasps, or pendant backs. These are engraved numbers or words which tell whether that jewelry is real or fake. However, certain jewelry pieces would not possess a hallmark, even if genuine. These are vintage jewelry whose hallmarks have already worn off, redesigned jewelry, and those made at home. 


The things about gold jewelry pricing would depend on the purity of the gold jewelry. The higher the level of pureness the jewelry has, the higher it would cost. Purity-wise, you get yourself 22k or 18k gold jewelry because that would give great yellow shine, but if you are on a tight budget, a 14k gold chain would be your best bet. You could get a bigger chain for a lower price if you get lower-purity gold jewelry. Check out options from Gold Presidents to get great deals! 


Gold is prominent for its warm yellow hue that goes well with any wardrobe style. However, people have been experimenting with gold to create a rose and white gold. Moreover, we have popularized rare gold colors such as green gold, black gold, blue gold, gray gold, and purple gold. Make sure that you go to a trusted jeweler for your customized color gold for your collection.

Dos and Don’ts when using Gold Jewelry

  • A high level of purity gold should not be overworn. They are softer, compared to other carats so they can be damaged easily.
  • Use a good jewelry box for storage. Make sure necklaces don’t get tangled up, and rings do not scratch each other and are secured in place.
  • Remove jewelry when you swim. When you swim in the pool, the chlorine used to clear out the water can damage the quality of your jewelry. The ocean has chemicals that can harm your jewelry, so it’s best to remove them when you swim.
  • Polish your jewelry. Even if they are not often used, it's best to run the extra mile to use a safe cotton cloth to polish them after you clean them with soap and water.
  • Deep clean jewelry every three months. It should be done a few times a year because excessive cleaning can damage your jewelry. To do this, soak your jewelry in a cleaning solution for three hours. Make sure your cleaning solution is appropriate for the stones and precious gems if you plan to include those in the cleaning. Use a soft brush to clean each jewelry piece, rinse with warm water, and pat dry.

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