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Jewelry is an everyday fashion accessory found in our wardrobe. It is worn to complement one’s outfit, accentuate fashion style, make a bold personality statement, look elegant, show off, and more. Many people who love this fashion accessory still shy away from jewelry shopping because they do not know how to choose the best jewelry, where to buy jewelry, the types of jewelry to buy, and how to get the best deals on jewelry purchase. This article will equip you with all the information you need to make an informed jewelry purchase.



Understanding the different kinds of jewelry and how it suits your style is vital in jewelry shopping. The most popular types of jewelry to buy are:


Chains are one of the most common types of jewelry. It is a kind of jewelry you can wear on your neck, ankles, or wrists. You can wear chains as a piece of fashion itself or use it to fly your favorite pendants. Chains are available in different lengths, materials, and styles. You may opt for simple styles of chains like trace or choose more supplicated styles like rope, prince of wales, and more.


Rings are the kinds of jewelry you used to accessorize your fingers. Rings can be worn for beauty, to indicate your social/marital status and also for traditional purposes. Depending on your style, you can wear a single ring alone or put on multiple rings. Furthermore, rings are available in different styles, and they can also be customized to suit your personality and fashion style.


Bracelets are fashion accessories worn as ornaments around the wrist. Both men and women wear it for decorative purposes. According to the New York Times, more men are opting for this type of jewelry to accentuate their fashionistas qualities, add fun to their style, and showcase their personality to the world. Bracelets are made from different materials like gold, silver, stone, wood, and more. It is available in various styles like links, hinged, and slip-on bracelets.


    These are stylish and classic ornaments usually hung from a chain or necklace. Pendants are available in various materials like gold, silver, diamonds, and more. They are available in different styles and sizes. Big pendants are popular types of jewelry often associated with the rap world. You can wear pendants to complement your outfit, show off wealth, and to make bold statements.


    A necklace is a kind of jewelry worn around the neck. They are either worn as an ornament or for functional purposes. Necklaces are made from different materials like gemstones, gold, silver, garnets, and more. Like other kinds of jewelry, you can wear this accessory to complement your outfit, show your societal class (wealth), and for ceremonial purposes.



    To know the type of jewelry to buy, you must be knowledgeable about different jewelry materials. The value of a piece of jewelry depends on the material used in making it. Jewelry made from precious metals and gemstones is more expensive and valuable than those made from cheaper materials.


    Gold is renowned for its lustrous and durability quality. Gold jewelry does not rust or degrade over time. The quantity of gold in jewelry is measured in karat. The higher the karat, the higher the price of the jewelry. Gold accessories are available in different colors. If you are a lover of gold jewelry, you should check out Gold President for elegant and trendy gold jewelry.


    Silver is a shining white-color metal. It is less expensive than gold. It is a soft metal that is popularly used to make earrings, bracelets, bracelets, rings, and pendants. Unlike gold, silver is more prone to oxidation, and it isn’t as rugged as gold.

     Other Precious Metals

    Other precious metals used in jewelry making include Platinum, Titanium, Palladium, Tungsten, and Stainless Steel. They have varying values and physical qualities.


    Gemstones are also popular materials used in jewelry making. They are pieces of mineral crystal with high aesthetic value. Gems are used for making rings, necklaces, earrings, and more. Some of the beautiful gemstones popularly used in jewelry include Emerald, Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire.


    Now that you know the types of jewelry you can buy and the materials used in making them. An essential factor to also consider before visiting a jewelry store is the reason why you’re buying the jewelry.



    People buy jewelry for a lot of reasons, while some buy just because they love these accessories others buy to show societal class (wealth). The reason why you need these accessories should guide you in choosing the best accessories.

     Everyday Jewelry

    The kind of jewelry to buy for your everyday use depends on your lifestyle and the type of work you do. Gold jewelry is perfect everyday accessories; they do not corrode and are very strong. If you love to accessorize to your workplace, you should opt for jewelry that is cool and simple. You don’t want to cause distractions with dangling pieces of jewelry.  For everyday use, the type of jewelry to buy includes simple pendants, bracelets, and studs. However, if your work does not impose any restriction on your outfit, chains are also perfect everyday wear.

     Buying Jewelry for Social Events

    Parties and other social events are perfect opportunities to accentuate your style. You can wear almost anything to social events, including your customized chains, CUBAN, elegant pendants, flashy bracelets, and more. Virtually all kinds of jewelry materials are suitable for social events. You can go for gold, silver, gemstones, or wear a combination of whatever you love.

     Buying Jewelry for Formal Events

    There is a popular rule for accessorizing to formal events – less is more. You should wear minimal jewelry for formal events. It is also the best time to wear your best piece. The type of jewelry to buy for formal occasions are those that will make you look as elegant as possible. Gold, diamonds, and other gemstones are perfect accessories for formal events. You can buy classic studs, earrings,  and rings. Your choice of jewelry should be noticeable but not distracting.

     To Show Wealth or Class

    If you are buying jewelry to impress, you should opt for high-end or averagely priced jewelry. There is a long list of impressive and elegant jewelry to choose from, this includes gold accessories, platinum jewelry, gemstones, and several other accessories made from pure precious metal.

    To Feel Good/Boost your Confidence

    Jewelry are fashion accessories that bring a boring outfit to life. Wearing the perfect kind of jewelry can complement your outfit and enhance your overall appearance. Elegant and stylish jewelry can make you feel good, boost your confidence, and help you get noticed.




    To make a happy purchase, you should understand your personality type and buy jewelry that suits your personality. Your fashion style and personality type are essential when shopping for jewelry. Always buy jewelry that will match your wardrobe and style. Here are tips that will help you choose the best jewelry for your personality:

    Outgoing and Loud

    Big and bold jewelry is the best buy if you are an extrovert, and you love to stand out in the crowd. When you search online for jewelers near me, ensure you choose big, bold, and dazzling jewelry. Gold and other colorful precious metal are best for outgoing people. You can buy dazzling gold chains, big pendants, and match it up with customized bracelets.


    Reserved people should go for jewelry that is small and simple. If you don’t like the attention that comes with bold jewelry, you should buy unelaborate jewelry. Gemstones earrings and necklaces are perfect for reserved people. You can also try out small gold or silver chains and bracelets.


    If you are the unconventional type, choosing the best jewelry that reflects your eccentric personality is essential. You should buy less common accessories. To make a bold statement about your fashion style, opt for vintage jewelry, or ask your jeweler to get you customized accessories.



    Skin Type

    Precious metals and gemstones are great on varying skin color. Knowing your skin tone will help you in choosing the best jewelry for yourself or your loved ones. Yellow gemstones and yellow metals are perfect on warm skin tone while blue and red gemstones and white metals are perfect for cool skin tone.


    Always ensure you buy fashion accessories that are comfortable to wear. It should neither be too heavy nor make you feel uncomfortable. Your piece of jewelry should complement your outfit and boost your overall personal appeal.


    Whatever your budget is, there is always a perfect piece to buy. You don’t have to break the bank to buy jewelry. To know the types of jewelry you can get within your budget, search for jewelers near me online, visit the best jewelry store, or contact Gold President to help you pick the right jewelry.



    Jewelry shopping can be costly. You may either get high-quality jewelry at great prices or end up paying more than the value of the jewelry you are buying. To help you save money on jewelry shopping, we have highlighted three money saving techniques for you.

     Buy Online

    You can get great prices, connect with different jewelers, and compare offerings by just searching for ‘jewelers near me’ online. You will find jewelers offering high-quality jewelry at low prices; this is often because online jewelers don’t pass their overhead cost to you. However, ensure you only buy from reputable online jewelers.

     Buy from Independent Jewelers

    Avoid buying from chain stores or popular stores located in malls or galleria. Their jewelry prices will likely include a markup to cover premise expenses and other overhead costs. You will save money on jewelry by buying from independent jewelers. Although independent jewelers may have smaller shops, they offer high-quality jewelry at lower prices compared to the chain stores.

     Ask Questions and Don’t Break the Bank

    Always ask enough questions about each piece of jewelry you want to buy. You can also request a written specification from the jeweler and get an independent jewelry appraisal to check it out. Furthermore, don’t go beyond your limit to buy jewelry. Your jeweler can always find great accessories within your budget.


    Now you know what to consider when buying your next set of jewelry. We hope you find this information useful. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below. If you have any questions or want to speak with a jeweler, please get in touch with us by sending an email to







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