July 12, 2022

Despite Gunna's current situation, he still has reasons to smile every day. According to various reports, he received a six-figure dental procedure in honor of his smash track, "Pushin P." 

A P-shaped teal-toned diamond has been put on the YSL rapper's chomper. The "P" stone was created by Isaac Bokhoor of Angel City Jewelers, while the porcelain veneers were created by renowned dentist Thomas Connelly. 

Connelly has become a go-to dentist for celebrities looking to make a statement with their teeth. Other celebs who have sought the cosmetic dentist’s expertise include music artists Post Malone, Chris Brown, DDG, DaBaby, Murray, The Kid Laroi, as well as athletes like Odell Beckham, Jr., Shaq, and Von Miller. 

Gunna's new diamond tooth, according to reports, costs roughly $100,000. Gunna uses a white "P" emoji with a light blue backdrop whenever he posts a "P" on social media, which matches the color scheme of his jaw-dropping new tooth.

The "Drip So Hard" rapper previously explained what “Pushin P” means during an appearance on "The Breakfast Club" radio show. He shared that the phrase began as a slang term for "player." He also added, “If I wake up in my backyard [at the] beach, that’s P. If you woke up early in the morning to a beach? That was P.” 

In a subsequent interview following the release of his DS4EVER album, he further clarified the phrase’s meaning by saying, "P doesn't only mean player. P also stands for paper. You can use paper to press this P." According to him, you're kicking P if you're leasing a lavish property. But if you’re buying and owning it, you're really pushing P. 

It seems like the famous phrase is more of a positive vibe or state of mind.  

The song "pushin P," which featured Young Thug and Future, was part of Gunna's DS4EVER album. Since its release, the song has been a viral smash for the rapper, with the expression "Pushin P" gaining popularity as well.

It's been seen in several TikTok videos, tweets, and Instagram Stories. It was so popular that even brands have also joined the trend. "We're always pushing Pancakes," IHOP tweeted in response to the trend. Gunna answered, "IHOP pushing P." The Maury Show stated it's "always promoting paternity testing," while the Nike store account declared it was also Pushin P.


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