February 04, 2023

Too early for an engagement, but ready to commit? The promise ring is the perfect first step in your relationship.

What is a Promise Ring?

promise ring is something you receive from your partner that often symbolizes a promise of commitment. They come in different styles now from the time it was initially used. As newer trends keep emerging, so do new looks of promise rings. The style doesn’t matter, but the promise the ring holds and symbolizes to the wearer do. 

When did it come into existence? 

The promise ring first appeared in the Late Middle Ages. Men would present posy rings to their partners. Posy comes from the word poésie, the French word for poetry or poem. It is because these posy rings have hidden poetry in them  you have to decode. Phrases were engraved on the inside of the band of the ring like, “united hearts, death only parts,” “love conquers all things,” or “oue tout mon coeur,” which is French for, with all my heart.

During the Georgian (1714-1837) and Victorian (1837-1901) eras, acrostic rings were the trend. Acrostic rings were often band rings having a trail of different gemstones across the band, and the first letter of each gemstone spelled out a secret message. For example, a famous ring that was found during this era was composed of ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, ruby, and diamond that spells "regard." Another ring had a diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and topaz which spells "dearest."

Now that sets the bar high for romance! 

What does a promise ring mean?

As time passes, the meaning of the promise ring changes and the reasons the people wear one. Some interpret it to indicate love, others to mean a promise of a future engagement, and yet others to mean only friendship. They are often confused for purity rings and engagement rings. So, let’s dissect these a bit more to give you clarity. 

Promise Ring vs. Purity Rings

Purity rings are like what the Jonas Brothers had. Their rings symbolize a promise to God and themselves that they will stay pure until marriage. It has abstinence as a concept which is not necessarily something that a promise ring is indicating. Purity rings are given by a parent to a child or given to yourself. Promise rings, on the other hand, are a typical symbol of commitment to your partner within your relationship. 

Promise Ring vs. Engagement Rings

These two are different however are also interconnected. A promise ring symbolizes faithfulness in the relationship and a promise of future engagement. Promise rings as placeholder rings or a memento for the couple waiting on marriage. The promise ring shows other people that you are not dating but have plans in the future with the possibility of marriage. They are given before the engagement ring. Meanwhile, the engagement ring is given when you are sure to get married. 

When do you give a promise ring?

The time for giving apromise ring is not as big as a proposal for marriage where you give an engagement ring. It can be an anniversary gift, a birthday gift, or a valentines gift. Although they aren’t like wedding rings, they shouldn’t be taken lightly as the promise that you will be upholding them will have a power that would bind you through the ups and downs of your relationship. Get your partner’s promise rings customized atGold Presidents now!

There is no exact time for this. Only you can tell. You should be able to give this to someone once you are ready to commit to the relationship. 

Which finger should you wear a promise ring?

Since the engagement ring and the wedding band both have designated fingers to use them on, you might wonder what about the promise ring. Honestly, this comes down to your personal choice. It can be worn on any finger of your left or right hand. Sometimes, they are even worn on a chain around one's neck to have them closer to their hearts. Most people would treat it as an engagement ring and wear it on the fourth finger of their left hand and move them to the right hand once they received an engagement ring. 

Do men wear promise rings too?

In the past, men were the ones to give promise rings to their partners; however, now, guy promise rings are prevalent. A lot of couples either exchange promise rings or buy their rings together. Anyone can wear a promise ring nowadays.

So, grab a matching promise ring with your partner!

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