February 24, 2023

If It's time to put a ring on it, pop the question, and you're at the right place. 

Finding the perfect ring can make you feel overwhelmed when it shouldn't. It should take a few steps for you to follow when you do your ring hunting. One, do your research. It is what you are doing now. Make sure you get to know the styles to help you filter out your options into a smaller range. Two, allot a budget for the ring. Remember to stick to your budget because you don't want to go overboard. Keep in mind that hunting for a job isn't rocket science. You allow your emotions to influence your decision-making. The ring that feels like it fits your partner's style is the one.

We know you’re already excited so let’s hop to more details on these engagement ring trends this year.

Classic Diamond Cuts

Pear-shaped Diamond 

The pear-shaped diamond ring is on top of the 2023 jewelry trends. With its elegance and feminine sophistication, it’s no doubt why it has been topping the trend. The single-edged shape gives off a good amount of brilliance compared to a few other settings. Also, its elongated shape makes your fingers look thin and slender, a catch for those with chubby fingers.

Halo Setting

A halo setting in a diamond ring is nothing short of divine. Imagine a round or oval cut diamond that gives brilliance like the sun and adds smaller diamond pieces around it. It takes the word, sparkly, to a whole new level. It is the ring you pull out when you want to flex. While some prefer a diamond center with a diamond halo, others would go for a colored gemstone and diamond halo, which you can never go wrong. 

Pavè Band Ring

Since we're still on the topic of sparkle, the pavè ring setting has been popular with the bride-to-be’s not at all afraid to shine their brightest on their special day. Apart from the diamond centerpiece, this ring setting has encrusted diamonds along the band. You can choose a full pavè where the diamonds are encrusted until the back part of the ring band, or a half pave wherein the diamonds are only encrusted on the front part of the ring band. 

Cathedral Setting

The cathedral setting reflects the classic and vintage type ring style we see a lot of this year. It is the cathedral setting because it mimics the arches of ancient cathedrals. These arches raise the centerpiece stone, which makes it appear larger. Its unique aspect of how it holds a diamond is why people are leaning more toward this type of setting. 

Chunky Bands

Slim and delicate rings are often to go for engagement rings. This year people are finally transitioning to a more artsy and creative approach to it and even incorporating it in engagement rings. Chunky bangles, rings, and chokers were popular in 2022, and we continued the trend this year. Bold items like this will continue this year. It would be unique to be able to commemorate the period in which you married. With this style, your wedding band will surely be something you will get to treasure most. 


Yellow, White, and Rose Gold

Gold is in hype this year; well, it has always been, to be honest. It’s great to see that not only one color of gold will be prominent this year but the three most popular gold colors. 

White gold is a durable gold frequently used to make wedding bands. This metal's clean and cold hue finish may make any center stone stand out if you choose a colorful gemstone as your center.

Yellow gold has been famous in the jewelry industry for a long time; however, not as much in engagement rings. However, it has been getting quite the attention for the past that jewelers anticipate more yellow gold engagement rings this year. Its warm hue gives off an interesting touch to your diamond center stone. It would create the perfect balance of warmth to the cold icy brilliance of diamonds. You can also opt for a mix of gold and silver on your wedding band for an additional trendy touch.

Rose Gold is back to being popular again. Its modern and vintage feel can be an edge to it when you start a family tradition of rose gold engagement rings. Or you can make this into a family heirloom that is passed down to the first child of each generation. Rose gold has a good feminine touch when it comes to jewelry which is why it is loved by many. Check out other rose gold jewelry at Gold Presidents now!

Colorful Gemstones

Like how color beads and crystals dominated last year’s summer trends, gemstone engagement rings are expected to be among the most popular styles this year for couples. Brides would love to stand out on their wedding day, and a good pop of color would do just the trick. Some add a halo to them, which is just divine. 

Semi-precious gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are great centerpieces if you wish for a ring to have this style. 

Modern Wedding Band

We started with classic ring styles, so we will end this list with a non-traditional ring style.

Wearing multiple bands at the same time and stacking other forms of jewelry has been topping the trends in the past years, and it looks like it is also this year. We stay in touch with fashion so much for you to hold back incorporating that so your wedding band and engagement ring will most likely. Be stacked on your finger for a very long time. Eternity band rings would do just the trick of bedazzling the thing out of your wedding band. A continuous row of diamonds around the band gives your ring finger stacking game to a new level. It is a good style option if you have opted for a simple engagement ring. 

Choosing an engagement ring that’s right for her isn’t science. It’s a mix of gut instinct and what’s available in the current market. It’s not rocket science. Choose what feels resonates with your partner. Have fun ring hunting!

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