March 01, 2023

If there is anything the past decades have taught us about jewelry and fashion is that men have been more and more open to them. We have taken down gender barriers to jewelry and are continually doing so. 

Now, let’s talk about men’s jewelry trends over the years. We have seen a good spectrum of jewelry options for men and their choice of rings. Last year, most men on the runway and in the streets wore rings so much that it has been the talk of the town. So, let’s go and discover what more we have in stock in 2023. 

Fashion Rings

Just as many men today are open to all the possible options of a wedding band, they are just as enthusiastic now about wearing a ring simply for fashion and not just to show that you are in a committed relationship. Styles like stacking jewelry are still popular in 2023. Ring stacking should be a great place to start when you stack your jewelry. Play with textures, thicknesses, and styles to get the vibe you want. 

Signet Rings


This piece goes to the books for its classical and vintage appeal. Being worn by men for quite some time now, it has been a popular choice no matter the trend. Historically, they had their purpose rather than just one of the fashion rings people use today. Back then, a family crest or a symbol that signifies your identity is embedded on the top o the ring. It is pressed into wax to seal letters. Today, we have embedded all sorts of imagery that resonates with us into signet rings and wear them fashionably. It carries its vibe, and that is why people love it. 

Flat Band Rings 

Flat band rings are a sleek ring style that is the perfect ring if you want to pull up a show of confidence in the simplicity of your class. This bold type of ring shows the luster of the metal you plan to use for it. Getting one color metal for this ring, such as the precious metals of silver, gold, and titanium, would do great for any outfit you wear. However, you could also opt for two-toned metals for a single band with the combination of the warmth of gold and the cold hue of silver. 

Cuban Band Rings

Now, this piece is the perfect not to let your fingers hang from all the attraction on your neck for your Cuban link chain necklaces. Pair it up with the same style wrapped around your fingers, and you are sure to rule the room. Getting it busted down with diamonds on a yellow-gold metal gives extra flavor to the eyes with the contrasting hues. But you can always bust down a white metal Cuban band ring for that extra shine. 

Eternity Rings

An eternity band is one of the ring types best for gifts on anniversaries and special occasions for your loved ones. They are a type of band ring that appears with diamonds or gemstones that encircle the whole band. It can be just a single row of diamonds or a stack of them in one thick band. They are excellent pieces for stacking rings on as long as they are not too thick.

Initial Rings 


Initial rings give that unique yourself aspect that you know whether people like or not would always mean something because it is what resonates with you. It’s a great piece, like a championship ring you flaunt on appropriate occasions. 

Large Stone Rings

There are no introductions needed for a ring like this. Say no more. This ring would do all the talking for you at parties. Just like how some women like to flaunt their ginormous diamond engagement ring, you get to feel the same way with jewelry having a large stone centerpiece. An accent ring gives a good balance to an outfit like no other. Imagine having a monochromatic fit and a large ruby ring. That pop of color speaks volumes to your taste in fashion. 

Custom Ring Designs

And if you want to show your personality more in your jewelry, it’s always a great option to get it custom-made. Give Gold Presidents a quick chat about your preferred style of rings, and get your perfect ring now!

What are the best materials for rings?

Now that you know your ring styles, focus on the materials that make the rings. It is a quick side note, which is also a factor you should consider when buying your ring. It gives you an idea of the longevity of the ring, how tough it can be during everyday wear and tear, and whether it can trigger sensitive skin.

The best options would always be gold, silver, and platinum for metal bases in jewelry, but here are a few that should be great options.


  • Tungsten carbide – This is an alloy of tungsten and other metals that is popularly used because of its wide range of tones, different polishes, and textures. It would be great for costume jewelry and jewelry that requires detail. It is hypoallergenic, does not tarnish, and is difficult to scratch.
  • Tantalum – This is another highly durable metal like tungsten and is also hypoallergenic. Its difference with tungsten is that jewelry can be made solely of tantalum and can be resized and repaired.
  • Cobalt – Cobalt is often alloyed with other metals in jewelry making. It appeals like white gold but would cost less. It is said to be four times harder than platinum and very difficult to scratch or chip. It is also hypoallergenic.


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