November 03, 2022

Whether we love it, hate it, or have completely moved on from a trend, it will make a comeback one way or the other. And this is what happened in thisfall 2022 runway.

This season is a walk on memory lane. Jewelry trends this year have this intent to let people not move on. If you think you are over and done with certain styles from a decade ago, this year, we are bringing them back. Now, trends are here to stay until it gets sick of us, not the other way around.

Let’s jump right away into the trends this fall season.


This fall season, unique and loud pieces are trendy. If this is your style, this is a must-have for your jewelry collection.

Gobstopper Pearls

It is the ‘90s choker pearls reimagined.Pearls are dominantly seen on the runway this fall season. And we say dominant because it’s hard to unsee how big the pearl necklaces are gobstoppers on the runway. Other people are calling it the pearl core trend. Designers are going for the Gen Z appeal of things breathtakingly large in scale.

Arc Style Chokers

This stylish half-circle choker or arc-type jewelry is coming in hot on the runway. An arc clinging onto your neck with or without a pendant would still be the highlight of your look. Make sure that your collarbone is bare for this one. You don’t want to overcrowd your neck for this one. 

Chain links

This style is what women have been flaunting for a while now. It’s not surprising that it’s on-trend. As a matter of fact, for some people, the link chains haven’t left. Although, we are going oversized with the chains this year. People wear thick Cuban link chokers to go with their business suits and casual wear. Get these looks now atGold President and get agold chain perfect for your style.

Another chain style popular to many is the ball chain. It is not, however, the usual ball chain that you may have in your collection. Some might compare this to spherical collars because of their large size. It is a great pair with your leather to bring back the rebellious teenage angst in you. 

Long necklaces 

Long necklaces are all the rage this season. They are back with an enhancement. 

The lariat necklace looks good with low-cut dresses and tops.


Chokers of different materials are on the rise this season as well. It goes with different styles of clothes and is very classy and chic, not overpowering your look but rather elevating it. These are the types that you should take note of for your next OOTD.

  • Metal chokers with crystal ensembles. The bigger the crystals, the better.
  • Velvet strap chokers with a nice vintage pendant that brings us back to the renaissance will show elegance like no other.
  • Mixing and matching different textures to layering your choker.


Remember the mantra for this season’s trend, “More and bigger is better.” Here are the arm candy moments popular on the runway.

Jewelry stacking is an understatement on the runway. Natural looks to edgy street-style bangles with spikes are preferably layered. Different colored gold metal jewelry is prominent when it comes to bracelet types.

Bangles, thick bands, and geometric-style bracelets are the bracelet of choice for fall. 


So far, it is one of the loudest and most creative trends for your ears. Watch out for pieces that you might already have in your collection. 

Crystal Drop Earrings 

White crystals were seen everywhere on the runway. Silver metals with dangling crystals to your shoulders are trying to outshine the chandelier. Paired with your white silk long gown for formal events or to your casual denim fits surely will get heads turning in your direction.

Large-Scale Earring 

Another trend comeback is the scale earring you put on your prominent ear. But this is a large-scale one. Try one hoop earring, one geometric style dangling earring, or one chandelier earring for an edgier look.


It’s impossible if this is still not in your jewelry collection. We know that you have at least a hoop or two with you, and the good news is that it’s the season to shine. For a more extra flavor on your ear game, invest in the chunky and sleek versions in silver and gold for formal events, and you’re all set.


This season, every finger is the ring finger. Dainty rings have been the top choice for everyday wear for a long time. This season, big brand jewelry brands like Dior, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, and Hermès are going big with cocktail rings that you put on every finger you have.


Piercings have been quite popular and continuously growing for the past decade. Fall’s runway has spotted it to be everywhere. Lip, nose, belly rings, philtrum, and eyebrow piercings have been seen and come very classy, unlike the intensity of the look it brings.

If you have this in your collection, this is your lucky season. Flex it until the end of the year because it would be the perfect year-ender look for the holidays!


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