November 04, 2022

Some people would describe it as an eternity strand of diamonds. It sounds so good already, right? What you are about to learn today about tennis bracelets would make it seem even better.

Trends have come in and out of style, but thetennis bracelet seemed to stick so well that it is now considered one of the classic styles of arm jewelry. If your collection still needs this desirable jewelry that is simple but sophisticated. We're telling you, you're missing out!

The Story Behind Its Name

The tennis Bracelet is a setting of equal-sized continuous diamonds that hug around your wrist. Each diamond is held by very little visible metal underneath that looks like a pavé ring setting.

It elevated so much popularity thanks to USA professional tennis player and Grand Slam aceChris Evert. She was a very stylish woman who highly favored wearing jewelry in her games on the court. One of her favorite pieces of jewelry was a diamond line bracelet.

On her match in the US Open, her George Bedewi Diamond Bracelet broke and fell off her wrist. She asked officials on the court to pause the event until they found it. As they say, a diamond is a girl’s best friend, and friends stick up with each other no matter what. It was, from there on out, coined as the tennis bracelet.

Choosing the Perfect Fit

Your lifestyle should reflect the jewelry you collect. Tennis courts have made the tennis bracelet famous. For those who are active, it would be ideal.

Although it has been famous for its sleek style, let’s not forget how the height of its popularity came from breaking its clasp while playing sports. Get the perfect fit on your wrist if you plan to buy yourself a tennis bracelet. Make sure they aren’t too loose that something might snag it from your wrist accidentally or too fit that it’s uncomfortable when you move around. Ideally, it is to sit low on your wrist, and you should be able to slip a finger between the bracelet and your wrist for the perfect fit. Check outtennis bracelets inGold Presidents for pieces that would fit you like a glove.

And since you do not want a similar court moment as Chris Evert, let’s go over the things one must know about the tennis bracelet’s important parts – setting and clasps.

Tennis Bracelet Settings

How the diamonds are placed elegantly in a continuous line has evolved into different styles over the years. Below is the list of diverse settings.

Prong Setting. Bracelets with this setting feature are held in place with two, three, or four metal prongs. Among others, the two-prong setting allows more light to the diamond giving it added brilliance. Meanwhile, the most popular type is the four-prong setting.

Claw Setting. This setting is like a metal claw-like prongs that securely hold the gemstone in place, just like the name suggests.

Bezel Settings. The bezel setting has two commonly used types; a full bezel in which the metal surrounds the diamond and a semi-bezel wherein the diamond is enclosed half circle metals on two sides.

Channel Setting. In this setting, the gemstones are placed within two metal rows on either side, like a channel. This way, it sets the gems snugly, and the design gives the bracelet a sleek linear look.


Tennis Bracelet Clasp Types

Let’s dig a bit deeper here. If you are worried about the security of a tennis bracelet, there are different types of clasps you can choose from for your next purchase.

Spring Ring Clasp. It is the most common type of clasp for any bracelet. It has a spring mechanism triggered by pulling back a lever to clasp and unclasp. It can be a very secure option for a clasp.

Lobster Clasp. This clasp is similar to the spring ring clasp, except this one is oval-shaped with a spring mechanism that you pull back to open and secure the clasps. It is perfect for a four-row diamond tennis bracelet.

Barrel Clasp. As the name portrays, it shows two metal pieces to be screwed together that would look like a barrel. This clasp style is incredibly secure. However, it can be finicky to clasp and unclasp.

The Pros and Cons of a Tennis Bracelet

The advantage of a tennis bracelet is its beautiful setting. People consider it a work of art. It has a timeless necklace design that you can use for a long time, not overpowering new trends. You can stack it with other jewelry pieces, but it can stand out on itself.

The disadvantage of this style is that it can be expensive. Another thing is that itflips over. It can be bothersome that you have to keep on readjusting your jewelry. With this, your jeweler knows the right weight proportions of the diamonds and the base to keep them in place.

To sum it up, if you are going for a simple and classic look, a tennis bracelet will give you the arm candy moment you want.

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