November 16, 2022

Finding your jewelry style is a personal journey we all go through at some point in our lives. Loving yourself is the new trend, so everyone is on the road to finding themselves and deconstructing themselves into how they see themselves, not what other people may think.

The fashion industry and the jewelry industry are continuously growing. With this, we know that styles have been introduced to us already. Everyone contributes to this with their unique styles in the mix. Let’s go over the things you’ll need to understand the journey you'll take to find yourself in jewelry.

What is personal style?

Personal style is about expressing yourself through different forms – in this case, jewelry. Think of the classic jewelry that you still see people wear until now. That is how your personal style works. It does not have to have rules. Your personal style does not work with time but is rather timeless. This is something that you develop within yourself that no matter the trends that come and you follow, this is the aesthetic that sticks with you.

What are people’s looks and jewelry choices? 

Let’s give you an idea of what other people would opt for when carrying their styles. There are a few established looks on people that we have noted for the past decades, and if you are one of them, this would be a great help for you to look into your style andcoordinate it with your jewelry.

Boho Look

Boho, short for "bohemian look," is the beachy vibe with a more laid-back feel in your outfits. This comfortable look is easy to pair with jewelry. 

Different lengths and textures of layered necklaces, beads, charms, stackable rings, dainty bracelets, and anklets. Silver is usually the more prominent metal for this style. Gold is sometimes seen, especially for those with warmer skin tones. Gemstones, specifically birthstones and astrology-related pendants, are popular as well.

Minimalist Look

The root word “minimal” from the word minimalist is the simplest way to define this style. Anything that is not too much in the face but still noticeably there as a part of your fit.

Maximalist Look

Everything loud is the rule of the maximalist look.Elegant-luxe jewelry can fit this criterion since the maximalist look is all about being able to stand out. It can be a bit much for people in the minimalist genre, but it has been rampant this year. From the runways to the streets, maximalist fashion like oversized chains and pearls is trending.

Vintage Look

You can either go for authentic vintage jewelry or vintage-inspired jewelry for this style. Vintage-style jewelry includes diamond earrings, pearl necklaces, bracelets, rich-colored gemstones, and ornate metal details in rings and pendants. 

Personal Style Tips

Various things would solely depend on one’s personality. In one episode,GQ staff had an interview about their styles and influences that could help you decode yours too. 

TIP 1: Taking the first step is the simplest way.

Did you know that the modern era is the best era in which you can start to find yourself? It is the best time to express yourself, considering it has been a long time since people were oppressed into self-expression because of social standards. This is the era when jewelry is genderless. Men wear pink, pearls, and skirts, and people won’t even mind. So, if there is a time when you can try to find your style and finally express yourself, it is now. The simplest way to go that route is to start. It can be scary, but finding your identity is knowing your skin. 

TIP 2: Contemplate comfort

Yes, you want to stand out, but you also have to take comfort into account. It is a great way to ease yourself into tracking styles in uncharted territory. If bohemian-style flowy dresses and workout pants are your usual go-to fits, you should take note of this when you wear your jewelry. The more you feel at home with how you dress, the more you can learn from your style and how you can elevate it. 

TIP 3: Know which body part you want to accentuate

It is a good tip if you get overwhelmed easily. Focus on a single piece first, then work your way around it. For example, if you are a wrist guy, get a flashy watch as your centerpiece, then dress it up by stacking a thin chain bracelet next to it or some bangles on your other wrist to balance out the feel.

TIP 4: You don’t have to spend a lot.

Buying from big-name brands does give you style. But it won’t always be true to yourself. You don’t have to own expensive pieces to look good. The important thing is how it resonates with who you are. Some people prefer vintage jewelry over new jewelry because it can have a distinct personality that you can carry when you wear it. Others prefer to have it personalized in order to express their creativity in a piece. Knowing the jewelry that fits your budget can get you what you want and need.Gold Presidents are known to have quality jewelry worth your money. 

Tip 5: Don’t be scared to mix and match

By this time, you might have tried a style or two, and you want to elevate it further. Maybe you are preparing for those dressy occasions coming up during the holidays. You are not limited to a single style for the rest of your life just because it’s your personal style. Other people can have different personalities depending on where they are; the office requires you to be professional, and the bar requires you to be fun. Having different jewelry styles can encourage your brain to mix it up now and then.

If you have been focusing more on gold, how about mixing it with other colored metals, like white gold and rose gold? Or you can go for the classic gold and silver look. Or you can mix pearls with metals, which gives you both the elegant and soft features of the pearl and the edgy vibe of metal.

Tip 6: Learn all the rules then break them

How will you know if a look is your style if that’s the only one you try on? Make sure that you have fun trying different things. Learn as many styles as you can. Handpick every tiny detail. And before you know it, it will snowball into something your close friends remember you for. Treat rules as guidelines, and by breaking them, you will get to master your style.

Let you be the one to define yourself, not other people. You, do you. Now, go and have fun styling!

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