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The Christmas season is approaching, and kids dream of seeing the first snow. There is something so romantic about trees being covered in snow as they can sparkle in the right amount of light. We’ve outgrown this childhood fantasy and metaphorically created our snow-covered tree in our jewelry with iced-out jewelry.

But this is not the historybehind the icy chains. Keep on scrolling to learn more about them. 

What is Iced-out Jewelry?

Iced-out jewelry is jewelry pieces that are covered in diamonds. The word "ice" is often associated with diamonds in rap or hip-hop culture. So, when your jewelry is iced-out, it is covered with diamonds. Through the years, the slang “iced-out” has been called different names like “bust down,” “diamond-encrusted,” “Icy,” and “chipped up.”

The trend gained popularity in the late 1990s when hip-hop musicians covered their big chains in diamonds to show their success. They were all over music videos and shows. Soon people would follow this style, and both men and women got their busted-out chains to flex.

Types of Iced-Out Jewelry

Since diamonds can cover anything, people love the iced-out effect in their jewelry. Let's discuss the pieces typically broken down with diamonds for extra flex.

1. Iced-Out Chains

Chains are in every person’s collection nowadays. They are not only seen in hip-hip artists anymore, but it is all thanks to their influence on street jewelry. Now, with iced-out chains, we have yet again tested our limits. For every person who just wants to stand out in a crowd of people, a busted-out chain would perfectly suit you.

There are varioustypes of chains that have been popular iced-out. Here is a list of them. 

  • Cuban Link Chain – This is a classic chain style and the most popular among rappers. They are flatted circular chains that sit perfectly on your chest. You can get this at any length and thickness. 
  • Franco Chain– This is a chain loved by rappers and athletes. This chain style is made of interconnected, V-shaped links that appear like woven chains. With the additional bling, it gives an icy feel to it.
  • Gucci Chain – No, it's not from the well-known brand you might be picturing. It is made up of flattened oval links with a line running through each of them that hold itself together. The links are frequently made large to show off the diamond studs visible across the room.
  • Rope Chain – A stylish and durable chain type is what a rope chain is. This chain would appear like woven strands of a rope, hence its name, and diamonds are coated on the strands. 

    2. Iced-Out Pendants

    Pendants are the most popular jewelry type that gets purposely iced out. Since they are the centerpiece jewelry, all eyes would automatically go to it first, among the other jewelry pieces you are wearing. It is why some people go all out for their pendants. Everyone has a story to tell about the pendant they own. The more the pendant has a story to tell, the better. Chains can typically be decked out with white diamonds, but pendants are typically coated in colored diamonds to highlight the character it represents and give them a more 3D appearance.

    A decade ago, popular pendants were usually crucifixes, Jesus pieces, and other religious-related pieces. Nowadays, we see a lot of cartoon-styled pendants with pops of color from different color diamonds that jewelers have perfected using over the years. 

    3. Iced-Out Bracelets

    It goes like the chains that you wear. Sometimes people would wear the same chain necklace as theirchain bracelets. It adds to the flare of your look. 

    There are rules to wearing iced-out bracelets. The style should resonate with you. For example, a tennis bracelet will give you a more laid-back vibe, while a Cuban link bracelet will create a sophisticated look for your more formal events. 

    Another thing to remember is that the bracelet's size needs to fit your wrist. If you have a thick wrist, you should choose big bracelets over thin ones that emphasize your wrist.

    4. Iced-Out Watches

    Post Malone is known to collect watches. You have to admit that his wrist game is off the charts. Flexing a busted-down watch while he holds a mic is an excellent tactic for shows. What more does it matter if the watch is covered with diamonds when it already exudes that effortlessly stylish and rich vibe? So, match your outfit with an iced-out watch and see the difference.

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