August 30, 2022

Both apparel and jewelry come in several styles from which people can choose. While some people favor dazzling jewelry designs, others prefer simplicity and want the subtle yet stylish minimalist look.

Creative people, such as artists, are frequently compelled to the showy type of jewelry to flex and display their hard-earned money. Saying that some people will go to tremendous lengths to flex is not exaggerated.

Are you the creative type who would like to explorethe extremejewelry style? Then keep on reading as we go over the ridiculous rapper’s chains one by one for you. 

Kanye West’s Horus Chain

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After his performance at the2010 BET Awards, it was hard not to talk about Kanye West with the ridiculously big chain around his neck, not to mention the pendant it came with that was bigger than his face. The necklace pendant was the representation of the Egyptian god Horus. He performed on stage with this chain with matching four golden pyramidrings. It is by far the largest piece of jewelry ever worn in the history of hip hop.  With an alleged price tag of $300,000. Kanye wins for his overall dedication to selecting jewelry that is above and beyond his jewelry choices. Genuinely iconic!

T-Pain’s Big Ass Chain

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It’s hard to pass this chain without eyeing it. It’s abig ass chain! This $400,000 worth of piece is said to weigh 10 pounds. This link chain hangs a pendant that covers much of his stomach and is bigger than his head. It is not for people with neck and back problems. T-Pain makes a cerebral move on this one that you want to flash. T-Pain confesses that this was a stupid purchase he made only after losing a bet suggesting that he did not give it much thought. It is a pricey dare.

Jay-Z’s Cuban Chain

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You have to be rich for this one, and Jay-Z belongs to a different class of wealthy people. This humongous Cuban gold link chain weighs 11 pounds and is worth $ 200 000. It’s a plain gold Cuban link chain, but who needs the additional ice with this size? Without the added bling, you can see this across the room. Just imagine the relief he must have after taking it off when he gets home after flaunting this big thing the rest of the day. It is a big boy chain sureness.

Takeoff’s Solar System Chain


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Truth be told. It is agreeably anout-of-this-world chain, literally. This solar system chain by Takeoff has been the talk of the town for being very creative. A Gucci chain with pendants of the earth, mars, Saturn, the sun, the moon, and even an alien in a space suit. 

It holds a medallion-type pendant with a rocket ship on the center that says YRN instead of NASA. This piece is said to have more than 200 carats of diamonds and weighs a kilo, which amounts to $500,000. You’ll have to be out-of-this-world rich for this one. For an affordable custom-made chain necklace, you may consider checking out Gold Presidents and their jewelry collections that would fit your taste. 

Drake’s Owl Chain

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In 2018, Drake unveiled hislife-size OVO owl pendant to the public. The piece was crafted with a whole kilogram of gold and covered with 100 carats of Asscher-cut diamonds. But that’s not all. Did you know that this owl pendant came with a birdcage of its own as well? Yes, you heard it right!

Lil Jon’s Crunk Chain

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It is another famous piece created by Jason Arasheben that broke the Guinness world record for the biggest pendant. This pendant read, “crunk ain’t dead,” owned by the King of Crunk himself. It weighs about 5 pounds, is nearly 8 inches tall, and was created with round-cut white diamonds set in 18-carat yellow and white gold. According to reports, the artwork that made history cost over $500,000.

Pharell Williams’ N.E.R.D Chain

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Just one look at Pharrell’s Chain, and you already know it’s no doubt expensive. It is a Gucci link chain with a medallion-type pendant that pictured a caricature of Pharell and his N.E.R.D. friends. This piece is said to be the 3rd at the most expensive chains in the world. It’s not shocking if you know that this custom chain features a surfeit amount of rare colored diamonds. With that said, we know that this didn't go cheap. Its estimated value comes in at over $1 million.

Rick Ross’ Rick Ross Chain

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If you want that unique chain that no one ever could have, what better chain than your face? It is what Rick Ross exactly did for his piece. He is already known for his jewelry collection, which amounts to quite a fortune. This piece is another tribute to himself in completed yellow gold and encrusted with yellow diamonds that was said to cost him $1.5 million.Rick Ross tops the rapper’s jewelry list again with this piece.

Slick Rick's Justice Scale Chain

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One rapper, Slick Rick, is famous for wearingextravagant jewelry, which causes you to second-guess your jewelry selections. He was flaunting a quarter million dollars worth of jewels as early as the 1980s, much earlier than anyone else. This specific piece's extraordinary size makes it difficult to leave it out of our list of the top 10. A medallion, about the size of a dinner plate, is big enough to hold all of your three-course meals. 

He shared on his GQ, On the Rocks episode that he purchased the object in New York City's Chinatown. It had been hanging in a storefront window for many years. He emphasizes the scale and the word "balance" underneath it by adding ice to the necklace chains for ridiculous chain royalty!

Lil Uzi’s Forehead Diamond

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It must be the best method to show off your 24-millimeter diamond. Put it there without hesitation for everyone to see on your forehead. Lil Uzi acted in this way. While on the red carpet for the JAY-40/40 Z's Club anniversary celebration, the 10k diamond implanted in his forehead almost fell off. A fan might have easily made $24 million from it. Whew! He allegedly haddiamond piercings on his fingers earlier this month. Fans are in a frenzy and believe that perhaps rings are now a thing of the past. Would you agree?

Well, that sums up the top 10 outrageous rapper chains. What do you think? Would you dare to custom your own? If you got the money and you want the bling that would surely stand out, why not?

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