August 24, 2022

“I just did a song, and it worked. So, I thought I could do ten more.”

This is how Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame, born Juaquin James Malphurs, started building his hip-hop career since his breakthrough single, "O Let's Do It."

The rapper’s stage name has also got an interesting story behind it. When he was younger, his cousin started calling him “Waka” in reference to the catchphrase a Muppet Babies character was known for. The moniker “Flame” was later added by his old friend, Gucci Mane, who is also a rapper.

Quite a history, right? Well, his jewelry collection is quite a story, too. In an interview for GQ’s On the Rocks episode, Waka flexed some of his dope iced-out pieces which will surely make your jaw drop!


Foghorn Leghorn. People from Waka’s place would often call one another “roo” (rooster). And whenever he rapped, he just felt he was the biggest roo of them all. In honor of that memory, he decided to get his own Foghorn Leghorn pendant.

During one of his performances, the chain holding the pendant broke. The pendant fell to the ground, and the unaware crowd started stepping on it really bad. Although it became slightly bent and a few diamonds were knocked off, it didn’t break. Quality, quality, and quality. The $80,000 price tag is definitely worth it.

Wild West Gun. Waka loves guns because of the science behind it. His Wild West Gun pendant resembles the first handgun he got which was a .44 Magnum. The pendant is a heavy $25,000 piece that’s solid gold and completely iced. It’s so cool because it looks like a real gun with its spinning cylinder loaded with iced bullets. How cool is that?


Brick Squad Monopoly Chain. This is quite a sentimental piece for Waka. The chain itself is worth $57,000 in solid gold and holds a BSM pendant, referring to Brick Squad Monopoly, the record label he founded. The BSM pendant is studded with VVS D-colored diamonds, making the whole jewelry piece worth $70,000!


Brick Squad Monopoly Ring. This is what Waka considers to be his championship ring. Crafted like a classic chunky signet solid-gold ring, this piece features the BSM logo that’s even highlighted by its VVS-diamond-loaded halo. It’s classic and chic. No wonder this is one of his “Hall-of-Famer” pieces.

Waka’s Wedding Ring. He has a love-hate relationship with this piece, as he is never really a fan of wedding rings. Based on his observation, he believes that marriages invested on rings didn’t seem to work out. He said he didn’t want to put the value of his love on a rock, but on real love. With all of these, however, this is still one of his favorite jewelry pieces because his wife wanted it. Awwww!


And these pieces are only a quarter of his collection! Waka did the math and shared that he probably would have paid around $2.5 million for all of his jewelry. Did he wish he could turn back time and undo buying that much and just save money? Yes, but having pieces to look back on surely makes it all worth it.

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