June 20, 2021

Some of the most impactful and iconic fashion moments of all time were pioneered by music artists. These artists used their careers to bring attention to their influence and make their mark on history.

Unfortunately, some of the greatest artists have also had some of the fastest careers and most unexpected deaths. In this blog, we'll be looking at the most iconic hip-hop legends who are no longer with us.

We'll share how these icons made their mark and what lasting fashion effects they made on the industry. To learn more about the different ways to honor hip-hop legends, continue reading our blog.

Add Them To Your Style

If you wear gold chains, you're walking in the footsteps of one of the greatest influences of all time. The Notorious B.I.G. was one of the leading fashion icons to add credibility to wearing chains in the 90’s. Although Biggie has since passed, his flair for fashion is still talked about today. So how do we honor someone who created such an iconic trend out of gold chains? 

Since Biggie preferred a personalized flair to his fashion, it only seems right to honor him by wearing his photo on our chests. With a custom photo chain, you can wear a picture of Biggie as a pendant on white gold, plated gold, or diamond-studded chains.

Customized photo chains are designed to fit your personal style, which means if you want to pay homage to one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time, this jewelry is the perfect accessory to express your gratitude.

Emulate Their Best Outfits  

One of the best ways to honor hip-hop legends is to wear the looks they made famous. Depending on what icon you're paying homage to, there are endless options and styles to recreate from these peak fashion eras.

For example, the members of Run-DMC were famous for their Adidas gold classics sneakers. As they rose in popularity, they began to wear higher-quality jewelry pieces such as iced-out gold watches, rings, and rope chains. These looks are both easily re-creatable and trendy for modern fashion. Consider studying their style to pay homage to their fashion and their impact on the music industry. 

If you prefer to honor hip-hop legends on a smaller scale, try wearing gold rings or black-rimmed sunglasses to pay respect to Easy-E. Easy-E was a hip-hop legend who kept his style simple but proudly wore and popularized gold rings and black rim glasses. His sunglasses became a staple to his style, and he often wore them while performing. Add these smaller accessories to your wardrobe to honor his memory.

Even Jay-Z and Kanye have gone back in time to wear some of the most iconic jewelry pieces from older artists. Both Jay-Z and Kanye have worn versions of Biggie's classic Jesus Piece, an iced-out pendant of Jesus' face, on stage as a homage to the legend. 

In fact, Jay-Z has stated that he wears the Jesus Piece while performing as a good luck charm every time he's about to drop a new album. These artists value paying respects to the icons who paved the way for rap music, fashion, and success before them.

Regardless of which hip-hop legends you look up to, there's plenty of classic styles to emulate from these artists. Whether you recreate an entire retro outfit or wear simple accessories from the past, you'll be paying your respects to these icons.

Remember Their Roots  

Hip-hop culture has been impacted by so many different icons who've changed the face of the industry in different ways. Although the paths of these artists were different, they all lived their lives with a similar passion for moving hip-hop fashion forward.

One of the best ways to honor these legends is to continue finding new ways to push fashion trends forward while remembering these artists' roots. For example, Tupac Shakur had so many iconic fashion moments during his lifetime. He experimented with different colors, patterns, and cuts of clothing. Everything he wore became an instant fashion trend. 

To honor Tupac's legacy, elevate the looks he made famous. Experiment with different ways to style his camouflage jumpsuits with rope chains or find new pendants to pair with his favorite Versace patterns. 

When you keep moving hip-hop fashion forward while remembering artists' roots, you honor their memory and career.

Stream Their Music

Sometimes the best way to honor artists who have changed the face of their industry is to simply enjoy them. The only thing more iconic than these artists’ style is their music. Although far too many hip-hop legends have died young or unexpectedly, their music is an immortal memento of their impact on music.

Whenever you want to honor the late great work of Tupac, Biggie, Easy-E, or Juice WRLD, start by playing some of their most legendary tracks. Taking time to appreciate the work of these artists will give you a chance to reflect on their talent and careers.

Although these legends made huge impacts on hip-hop fashion, their first love was music. To honor these icons, start by playing the music that made them famous.

So many different hip-hop artists have made lasting impacts on fashion and music. Their influence can be seen in every gold rope chain, iced-out pendant, and white gold ring. Regardless of who you consider an icon, taking time to acknowledge and appreciate the impact of these artists is vital to preserving hip-hop fashion. It's also essential to push fashion forward to new trends.

If you're not sure how to honor these legends, start by reviewing this guide. Paying attention to how artists paved the way for fashion and music will give you a better perspective into the future of these industries.

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Gone but Not Forgotten: Ways to Honor Hip-Hop Legends

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