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If you've ever been shopping and seen the phrases "real gold," "solid gold," "hollow gold," or "gold filled" and you don’t understand what these phrases mean, then you're not alone. Even though gold is one of the most popular types of jewelry, few people know what these descriptions mean. This blog will discuss the key differences between hollow gold and solid gold to help decipher these strange descriptions.

Solid Gold Jewelry

Solid gold jewelry's description is fairly straightforward. Solid gold jewelry is jewelry made from solid gold. Rather than having other solid metals or alloys included in their composition, solid gold jewelry is solely made with gold.

Since solid gold jewelry is not supplemented with any other type of metal, it’s one of the most expensive types of gold available to purchase. However, the higher prices of solid gold most certainly pay off. Solid gold is a high-grade and quality type of jewelry that will last a lifetime. This jewelry is incredibly durable and will maintain its value regardless of any scratches or wear collected over time.

Key Features

  • Made entirely of gold
  • More expensive
  • Highly durable
  • For formal wear

Hollow Gold Jewelry  

Unlike solid gold, hollow gold jewelry has empty space inside its design. Since the inside of hollow gold jewelry pieces is empty, they’re much more lightweight and less expensive. Although there are many different reasons why gold jewelry is designed to be hollow, the most common cause is they use fewer gold resources to create.

Hollow gold is also less durable than solid gold jewelry. It’s more prone to sustaining scratches that may decrease its resale value over time. However, the lighter weight of these jewelry pieces also makes them ideal for casual everyday jewelry. Bangles are a typical example of a hollow gold jewelry piece.

Although these bracelets are likely to become damaged quickly, the fact that they’re lightweight and at a low price makes them popular accessories.

Key Features

  • Contains space inside the jewelry
  • Less expensive
  • Less durable
  • For casual wear

The next time you shop for gold jewelry, keep an eye out for the types of gold being solid. Having a better understanding of the key differences between hollow gold and solid gold will better prepare you to invest in high-quality jewelry.

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February 25, 2024

What would be the average cost cost for a 7mm 14k gold cuban chain weighing approx 30-35 grams.


February 25, 2024

“Hollow gold is also less durable than solid gold. It’s more prone to sustaining scratches”. This is a false statement. A material’s sensibility to scratches is based on the hardness value, not on whether or not there is space somewhere inside of it.

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