November 10, 2022

Fashion trends this year have been all over the place. We went back to the past, reminiscing the ‘90s pop of color, the renaissance’s vintage-style jewelry, going all out pink with the Barbiecore trend back in summer, and the Pearlcore trend, this fall season. Now just in time for the spooky season, allow us to introduce the comeback of thealt-girl fashion trend that went viral on TikTok. 

What is Alt-Girl fashion?

Alternative-girl fashion, abbreviated as "alt-girl," refers to the rebellious musical style that frequently challenges social norms. The alt-girl fashion trend is the result of its combination with fashion.

It is known to have a long history in the fashion industry already. It came from a few older eras and has emerged from subcultures such as emo, goth, and punk. It can appear as an angry reaction to the current state of the world and other subtle influences like how the trend started.

No, this is nothing new. It is another comeback trend reintroduced to the newer generation.

You can trace this trend to have started way back in 19th century England, a time of crime and when the plague had devastated society. It was a look for mourning at funerals. Who knew the past unfortunate events could develop into the Gothcore fashion we are bringing back today?

If you are a sucker for dark romance, this is the perfect style you have to try. Even though this trend prominently uses darker color shades such as black in your outfit, the textured laces, corsets, and even boots you would wear add a romantic touch to your looks.

What do alt-girls wear?

Alt-girls wear excessive eyeliner, an oversized black vintage shirt, a plaid shirt, fishnet stockings, Doc Marten boots, or any type of black boots in general. It is a classic visualization of how they would set this outfit up. However, this is not limited to this set of clothing styles. Both people and celebrities have embraced and continue to add this trend.

Avril Lavigne

From her music videos to the stage and the red-carpet Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne has shown us her personality on her Gothcore fits through the years. Her iconic looks influenced people but are not a cup of tea for others. She showed how she never minded what people thought about her and remained confident with her fashion choices which was the whole thought of alt-girl fashion.

With a fishnet hoodie, tennis skirt, belt with chains, fishnet tights, and high-cut army boots, it screams alt-girl through and through.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox


May it be on the red carpet (left) or their casual date nights out (right) 

The power couple Machine gun Kelly and Megan Fox have shown us so many cute and dark couples-looks throughout the years. 

MGK’s spiked suit and trousers upped the game with the combination of jewelry and clothes. Different textures of black on their casual night-out fits brought out the vibe for alternative fashion. 

Kourtney Kardashian


Kourtney Kardashian flaunted a sheer black dress, leather boots, and coats.

A simple choker chain necklace and maybe some dangling silver or white gold earrings would set this style on fire. 

Get them a go, and thank us later! 

What is alt-girl jewelry? 

Being charming but dark is the secret to nailing the alt-girl style. Dark-shaded clothing is very in right now; thus, the finest jewelry to wear with your outfits is cool-tone silver and white gold jewelry.

The best part about alt-girl style is that it features dark-colored clothing, which makes any type of jewelry pop out the brightest. Your jewelry would not only appear to be a constellation of stars thanks to the contrast in hue and tone but also dazzling stars.


Alt-girl jewelry can have a lot going on. The key here is to find the balance between everything that you want to put on. 

The goth core can be edgy with leather chokers that have spikes on them. But on the pretty side, you can achieve this with youriced chains. Show off your pendants that have an emo aesthetic, like this bandaged heart pendant. Layering jewelry also helps to boost the look. 


For bracelets, you can either opt for the simple white gold or silver bands or be a bit extra, add more sparkle on your wrist, and wear those iced-out chains you got.Tennis chains are elegant and easy to pair with clothing. And because they are a single continuous pattern, they are great to stack withcuff bracelets. Key andlock pendants on necklaces and charms for your bracelets are trendy thisfall season. You can incorporate this in your alt-girl fit as well! 


The earring game for this style can be up to you as long as you stick to the shades of black and white metal. You can go from chandelier earrings to creative skeleton earrings or simple studs. Crosses and arrows are often seen in other jewelry pieces, not only in earrings. They are the tiny details you add to the whole mixture of styles you can come up with for your alt-girl fit. It is a staple for your casual wear as well.


To top it off, get a ring band that you can wear. Plain bands would do the trick, but here are some pieces that could add spice to your look. 

An iced Cuban link ring

Pair this with your other Cuban link jewelry and wear a whole set. 

Have fun styling your alt-girl looks! Give them a try, and thank us later!

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