November 11, 2022

There are a lot of people who can influence you. It may be for different aspects of life like; business decisions, the food we eat, and our jewelry choices. Let’s talk about the latter.

Hip-hop artists are known to be very creative in their music. Over time, music has not only been the only thing that some rappers are passionate about but also building their look through their jewelry collection. Maybe it isn’t like the trophies they get when their music is recognized, but hip-hop bling is known to give that same ecstatic feeling. In a way, this is their dose of dopamine.  

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Chains, unlike how it was connotated to oppression, being held back, and all other negative undertones in the past, are now used to symbolize power, wealth, and fame. Ironic, isn’t it? It was a way to flaunt the journey that artists have successfully overcome. It has continuously evolved into the art form that it is today.

We are now all about self-expression and keeping our mental health in check. Jewelry has become exactly like that. It is how artists promote themselves, portraying how their jewelry mirrors their story. To know more about this, keep scrolling as we help you learn things you ought to know about choosing and wearing the perfect chain. 

1. Get a Good Quality Chain

It is a must-have! Quality is the most important thing you must remember when buying your chains, just like how you are with your other purchases. So, you want your chain well-made enough to look good and last a long time.Solid gold or not, you should be able to know the chain you wish to purchase.

There are a lot of things that you have to remember when buying chains, especially if it’s your first time. Things you need to consider are;

  • Chain Style 

You can select from a variety ofchain link designs.  If you learn what each is for and which is best for which outfit, you can upgrade your jewelry game in no time. Some popular chain styles are theCuban Link Chain, Gucci Chain, Rope Chain,Tennis Link, and Franco Chain. These are considered classic styles of chains. They are easily paired with your casual streetwear and suits for formal events. They are versatile to wear, which is why these are staples to your jewelry collection.

  • Knowing your metals
  • When purchasing jewelry, it's critical to understand the product's purity. It is a big deal for gold and silver jewelry which are often the factors of its cost. Your jewelry's construction could be solid, filled with vermeil, or plated. You learn which are best for your lifestyle through these.

  • Thickness
  • The thickness is essential to your overall look. Did you know that your face shape should be considered when buying jewelry? It has to do with you looking rounder and more elongated. It all depends on which is best suited for you. In this sense, you get the gist of how although some jewelry is made for the general public, it can be unique to you because of your face shape or your body proportions. 

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    2. Choose the right chain length.

    Thelength of the jewelry is like how the thickness of a jewelry type. It can be unique to your body proportions. Try to get the most neutral choice that can go with most of the outfits in your wardrobe, like the one that hangs down to the middle of your chest. If a chain is too short and you have a round face. It will look odd, and a chain that is too long will be difficult to keep in place. Through this, you have the edge to make a statement with the jewelry you choose. Just like buying chains atGold President’s, you can be 100% sure that what you wear will make you look good. 

    3. Pick a pendant that is unique to you.

    Drumrolls, please! It is the icing on the cake. Choosing an already-made pendant or customizing your design is like choosing your first tattoo. It has to resonate with your personality and have personal meaning. Usually, this is the first thing that catches the eye of all the jewelry you wear. It sets the vibe for your whole vibe. 

    Hip-hop artists used to go for the classic crucifixes and other religion-related images and symbols, but now we see a lot of 3D cartoon characters that are great pieces. Artists like Takeoff and Pharell Williams are known for their colorful chains that many people admire. Big and flashy pendants are usually worn by rappers that want to flex on stage as they perform, but for something with a more personal touch, you can opt for shorter chains like chokers that could still turn heads around you without much of the fuzz.


    You don’t need to be the hip-hop artist you admire. They had their style and had the confidence to carry it. Find yours, incorporate it with your bling, and you’ll see all the difference.

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