August 24, 2022

Durk Derrick Banks, professionally known as Lil Durk, is an American hip-hop artist and rapper from Chicago. He has been an active musician since 2013, releasing mixtapes here and there, which brought him recognition and a huge following in the hip-hop scene. Lil Durk’s commercial success continues until the present day with the formation of his collective and record label Only the Family (OTF).

While Lil Durk’s hip-hop career is highlighted by the numerous hits and singles that gained spots on the Billboard Hot 100, his jewelry collection tells another story of success and fame. Today, for the third time in GQ On The Rocks, Lil Durk sits down and runs us through his jewelry pieces.

Custom Pendants

- OTF Pendant. This pendant is an homage to his record label, Only the Family. It’s a custom-made pendant in yellow gold and scatted with round-cut diamonds. The pendant was made by Shine and Jewels and costs $25,000.

- “Durkio Krazy” Pendant. His peers call him “Durkio” and he’s a little “crazy” according to him, so he got another pendant customized with this design. He got the pendant for $35,000. It is a shiny yellow gold pendant splattered with white diamonds and is attached to a 15-pointer chain from New York-based jeweler.

Cuban Link Chains

- Lil Durk owns an impressive 705-gram Cuban from New York-based Jeweler. It is around $85,000. The chains are covered in white diamonds and the lock has been custom-made as well. The idea of a bulked-our cubic choker was from Ralo, another American rapper, and when wearing the chains, he would base it on the outfit. He adds, "Sometimes, I like to stack it on... but sometimes I'd rather level it up [with other chains]."


- "300" Rings. He got it for around $23,000. It is a customized ring with the number "300" designed to fit in 3 fingers

- Cuban Link Ring. This is piece is worth $6,500. It’s a classic Cuban link ring with each link covered in small-cut diamonds.

- 2 different 3-ring Wedding Rings. Another set of rings that Lil Durk owns are these 3-ring wedding rings. He got it for $6,500 and $6,700, respectively. These are basically 3 thin-cut wedding style rings stack together to form 1 ring.

- Diamond-covered ring. This is another yellow gold ring covered in diamonds and is around $6,700.

With his impressive sets of rings, Lil Durks comments that he doesn’t “really like Cuban rings,” and he just got them “because I got the Cuban bracelets.”


- Speaking of bracelets, the next pieces that he shows off from the set are his 3 Cuban link bracelets. The price of these items ranges from $13,000 to $15,000 respectively. Lil Durk styles it by stacking the bracelets from the biggest to smallest piece.


- Lil Durk owns a couple of watches, but he shows off proudly during the episode his $95,000 piece.

Fang Grill

- Lil Durk also flexes his bust-down fang -- his first time having one.

Aside from his collection, Lil Durk also chuckles as he shared his “lost collection” or his jewelry pieces that have been lost. He enumerates starting with a 15-pointer choker lost by his sister, a 2-roll ring given by young Thug on his birthday which was left on an Uber including a tennis bracelet that’s around $17,000. He admits that he was responsible for the lost pieces and when his management expressed that they were mad, he jokingly said, "I'll just go get it again."

When asked about his future plans when it comes to his collection, Lil Durk quickly states, "I want to get another Cuban because I want it stacked on top of each other." He shares that he also plans on having more pendants… “creative pendants.”

This GQ On The Rocks episode with Lil Durk was a carefree and enjoyable one. Lil Durk’s goofiness on-cam, particularly his jokes on his lost jewelry pieces made the mood a lot lighter. Meanwhile, his jewelry collection is also something to show off. While it’s already priced collection, he plans on adding more as he continue to make music. You can watch the complete episode here.


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