August 24, 2022

What does winning in life look like?

For Big Latto or Latto, born Alyssa Michelle Stephens, it’s more than just hitting the jackpot financially. It’s having an expensive jewelry collection. Just like other rappers, she definitely flexes her success by donning expensive pieces of hip-hop jewelry.

The B*tch From Da Souf rapper has been dropping some racks on a number of iced-out accessories since winning the first season of the reality series, The Rap Game,in 2016. In her recent On the Rocksinterview with GQ, Latto treated her fans to a full display of her finest and most expensive hip-hop jewelry items.

Of course, we're not missing out on the show!


Heart Locket Tennis Chain. Gifted to her on Valentine’s Day, the completely iced heart locket holds a love letter and a photo making this necklace sentimental to Latto. Adding to the oomph factor of the whole piece is the dainty iced-out tennis chain, which she said she’s more into now than ever. No wonder this is her favorite.

Mula Pendant Necklace. With an eye-popping price tag of $15,000, this clustered tennis chain sports a fabulously iced Mula name pendant. It was the first chain she bought, and she got it when she was 18 years old. No big deal, right?

Casino Slot Machine 777 Chain. An over-the-top birthday gift for herself for $120,000, this thick Cuban link features the classic casino slot machine 777 pendants. It’s heavy that it could chip a tooth! Indeed, one of the biggest flexes she has.


Heart Rotating Pendant.Gifted by her mom, this heart pendant is a halo that boasts a thick lining of clustered diamonds. This tear-jerker piece houses a rotating photo of Latto and her mom which she wanted to put inside the Heart Locket. Awwwwwww…. 

Big Latto Pendant. This is one of the first rapper jewelry items she had. This piece has a trail of baguette-cut diamonds forming the letters, and smaller diamonds icing out the halo on the baguettes in a completely iced background.


Baby Pink Richard Millie Watch. With its baby pink band and a diamond-studded bezel, she shares that this watch might be her favorite because it is just a flex, period!

Plain AP. The combination of silver and gold is giving this watch a classic vibe that one can mix with any outfit. This is definitely her go-to, everyday watch. We agree with Latto that this is just timeless.

Iced-Out Watches. You know we’ve got to give a special space for these bling wonders, right?

First up is her Audemars Piguet Custom with pink Arabic numbers, which she got for $40,000-$42,000. The pink Arabic numbers featured in this head-turning iced-out piece are adding to the watch’s uniqueness, thus, matching the fun and chic side of Latto’s personality.

Last, but definitely not least, is her AP Skelly Bust Down. This is a $40,000 work of art that she raps about all the time. It’s indeed a flex.


In Atlanta, she would often see rappers wearing tons of jewelry – rings on every finger, stacking chains and bracelets to their elbows. This motivated her to not miss out on creating her own style she shopped for a whole bracelet collection in one day!

Included in her collection are white and yellow iced-out Cuban link bracelets, clustered tennis, and baguette bracelets of different shapes and sizes, totaling about $100,000.


Chunky Heart Ring. This chunky white gold ring, iced with small diamond pieces, is true eye candy. Fans often see her wearing it on stage while spitting some bars.

Band Rings. She often wears two eye-catching band rings with diamonds elegantly placed on them. Latto said she loved how it was simple yet people would immediately know she’s got money and doesn’t even need to say it. Slay!

She said she used to be more into wearing big pieces but, recently, she has been trying to tone down her accessories – going for simpler statement pieces.

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