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In the world of hip-hop, It's more of a custom than a luxury to have expensive chains. Rappers are continuously in a position of competition especially when it comes to their jewelry. Who has the most bling? Who owns the biggest chains? Which chain has the most costly links? Continue reading as we dive into some of hip-hop's most significant jewelry items.   

Owl Chain | Drake | $120,000 : 

Drake, a well-known Canadian rapper, has acquired a huge wealth through his music career. Drake's net worth is about $180 million and his brilliant necklace with an owl pendant is a witness to his success. 343 diamonds and 18 carats of rose gold were used to make Drake's owl masterpiece. On the owl pendant, there are additional encrusted diamonds totaling 23.32 carats. The owl chain's overall cost of $120,000 puts it in the ninth place among the most costly chains held by rappers.

- Cuban Chain | Jay Z | $200,000 :

Gold is used in one of the most legendary chains ever created. Nothing can replace the sparkle and the worth which connect us to King Jay-Z. He wore an 11-pound chain, just as he does everything else in his outfit. That's a lot of weight, buddy!

Cuban chains are known for their elegance, regardless of their size. Jay-Z is the owner of the tenth most costly chain owned by rappers in the world. Rafaello & Company built the bulky customized chain. In 2013 during So So Def's 10th anniversary, Jay-Z donned this statement item. The rapper might have gone with a basic chain, but it wouldn't have fit his royal persona.


-  Ratatouille Chain | Quavo | $250,000 :

What could be more luxurious than white gold? Elliot Avianne created this custom necklace for Quavo. At the 2017 MET Gala, he wore this stunner. The necklace is also mentioned in the song "Bad and Boujee," which includes the line "call me Quavo Ratatouille." Quavo, who has a net worth of $25 million, paid $250k for the Ratatouille Chain, making it one of the most expensive rapper chains on the market. The entire piece of jewelry is made up of WS white diamonds and a QC chain.

- Horus Chain | Kayne West | $300,000 :

Kanye West, now better known as Ye, is among the world's richest rappers. He has been upsetting the music business with his back-to-back gigs, thanks to his $1.8 billion net worth. His most recent DONDA event was also one of the most talked-about in recent months.

Because Yeis both wealthy and a rapper, he prefers to wear massive gold chains. In 2010, Ye wasphotographed performing with a massive solid gold chain around his neck, which was just inescapable. How can you manage to overlook the world's most costly chains? You don't!

Horus, the Egyptian God of the Sky, Sun, and Moon, inspired the massive Horus chain. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece is worth $300,000 and is constructed of pure 24k gold. Jacob & Co. created the Horus pendant, which is unlike anything we've ever seen.


- Big Ass Chain | T-Pain | $410,000 :

The REAL BIG ASS CHAIN is about to begin. This massive artwork is owned by T-Pain, the popular record label founder and artist. T-Pain has a $10 million net worth. We can tell it's among the most costly chains owned by rappers just by looking at it.

The Big Ass Chain is made entirely of white and yellow gold and has 197 carats of diamonds and is over ten pounds. Do you know that T-Pain is kicking himself for buying the Big Ass Chain? Yes, you read that correctly. The rapper recently stated that he purchased the chain on a dare. He believes that was a poor decision. What are your thoughts about it?

- Twin Panther Chain | Gucci Mane | $500,000 :

Many of you may be taken off by massive, monstrous chains. They may be the world's most valuable chains, but where is the elegance? A costly chain's royalty should be seen from a mile down the road. If you think the same way, Gucci Mane's Twin Panther Chain will leave you speechless. The Twin Panther Chain is worth half a million dollars, yet its appearance is indisputable. Diamond Club Miami developed the necklace, which includes two diamond-studded panthers with three interconnected chains in their mouths. What work! The Twin Panther chain includes 4,600 diamonds, weighing 165 carats. That's incredible!

- 64 Crayons Chain | Sean Kingston | $500,000 :

When he wasn't even an adult, he had many hit albums. Sean Kingston's rapping career has brought him a lot of money, as seen by his Crayons Chain. The 64 Crayons Chain is by far the oddest of the rappers' most costly chains. It is made up of 64 gold-encrusted crayons that are housed in a gold box. It has the appearance of a crayon box but costs half a million dollars. Sean Kingston wore his crayon box chain for the last time in 2007. His sister is reported to have sent it to a jeweler in New York. She only guaranteed the Crayons Chain for $500, according to sources. It doesn't make sense, does it? Since the artwork has been missing, no one has ever seen it.

- NERD Chain | Pharell Williams | $1 Million :

Pharell Williams began his career in the music industry as a member of a band, and has a net worth of $200 million. He has, meanwhile, been into huge jewelry since 2007, when he was a member of the Neptunes. Williams paid one million dollars for the NERD gold chain. The pendant on the chain depicts members of the Neptune band. Many diamonds and valuable stones make up the medallion. Although the exact quantity of diamonds is unknown, you can rest assured that it is the second most costly rapper chain.

- Rick Ross Face Pendant | $1.5 Million :

Hip hop artists are fascinated with themselves and one rapper's obsession has resulted in the world's most costly chain. I mean 1.5 million dollars when I say expensive. Who would pay that much for a necklace? Rick Ross is, of course, the answer. The rapper has identified himself as the owner of the most expensive link in the network.

Rick Ross' picture pendant hangs on the chain. In 2008, the rapper was spotted sporting a remarkable chain. He did not, however, stop there. Rick Ross was seen in 2010 wearing his self-portrait pendant, which also included a smaller self-portrait pendant. Rappers, as I already stated, are egotistical beings. Rick Ross certainly knows how to flaunt his $40 million net worth, whatever it is.






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Mike Jones had a $1 Million chain, but it was stolen back in ’09, but he had it insured.

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